Change a Default Core Page

If you have a page assigned as a default core page, you can easily replace it with a previously created page, or you can edit an existing one to properly match your site.

Core pages are listed in your WordPress Dashboard > Pages. If an ‘orange flag' icon appears next to the Core Page Type in your Pages list, then this page is the default page.

For Global Core Pages, such as the Login, there can only be one of that type on your site.

For Access-Specific Core Pages, such as the Member Home core page, there can be the default core page and then access-specific core pages. The default core page is used when there is not a more specific core page defined based on the current member.

In other words, you can have a default member homepage as well as others that are specific to certain membership levels.

For more specific information about each individual core page, read Core Pages Overview.

To change a Default Core Page, do the following
  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, click Pages.

  2. Listed to the right of the page name in the Core Page Type column, you will see all your core pages listed.

  3. Choose the core page you intend to edit and a box entitled MemberMouse Options will appear to the right of the post edit box.

  4. Click on the edit icon next to the drop down menu.

  5. Change Core Page box will pop up with a drop down list of alternative default core page options.

  6. Once your new page is selected click the Change Core Page button.
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