Create an additional Member Homepage

The member home core page is where a member is directed after they log in (Note: this is the default behavior but you can change it using the instructions starting in the ‘Set the unique landing page' section of this article).

There is one default member homepage created upon installation which can be found in Pages > Home Page. MemberMouse additionally gives you the ability to create a unique homepage for each membership level, allowing you to fine tune exactly what each user sees when they login to your membership site.

You can use the information in this article to create separate member home pages for individual membership levels.

Steps to create an additional Member Homepage
  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, click Pages > Add New

  2. On that new page, add the content you want that membership level to see when they visit their member homepage.

  3. In the MemberMouse Options box at the top right of the editor, choose Member Home from the drop down selection. If Member Home is not available, this would indicate that this particular page has already been created and you will need to locate it in the Pages list.

  4. Choose the appropriate membership level by checking the associated box and click the Update button.

Now any members of the selected membership levels will be directed to this Member Homepage.

Set the unique landing page your members are sent to on login

When your users login to your MemberMouse site you can choose to have them directed to either the WordPress homepage (your site's main page), or to the MemberMouse Member Homepage(s) assigned to your membership level(s).

You can find the Member Homepage Settings by clicking MemberMouse > General Settings form the WordPress Dashboard. Then choose the Other Settings tab.

OPTION 1: Use WordPress homepage as Member Homepage

Members can be directed to the standard WordPress homepage as set under Settings > Reading by choosing the last option under Member Homepage Settings.

OPTION 2: Use MemberMouse homepage(s) as Member Homepage

If you prefer that each membership level has its own unique landing page, check the first box under Member Homepage Settings.

After the Member HomePage has been created, the members will be directed to that page after login.

If you select Option 2 (to direct members to the MemberMouse homepage(s) upon login), then there are two additional routing options to choose.

These options control where your member will be directed after they have logged in and click on a ‘Home' link. Either they can be directed to the unique homepage associated with their member level or they can be directed to the static WordPress homepage as defined in Settings > Reading.

Those two options are the 2nd and 3rd check boxes located below “When members are logged in and click to go to the site's homepage.

Simply choose your option by checking the box, then Save Settings and now members will be directed to the page you intend when they click ‘Home' links.

OPTION 2A: Use MemberMouse homepage(s) as site homepage

If you want your logged in members to be directed to a homepage specific to their membership level after they click on “Home” links, then you will select the first radio button:

NOTE: If you select the homepage associated with their membership level, then they will not be able to visit the main Front page

OPTION 2B: Use WordPress homepage as site homepage

If you want your logged in members to be able to visit the main front page when clicking links to your site's homepage, then you will want to select the second option:

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