Change Course Icons

There is not a built-in option within MemberMouse to update the icons in the courses directly. However, you can achieve this by using a custom CSS solution to change the icon appearance on your course pages. If you're comfortable with CSS, you can add custom styles to your site's theme or use a custom CSS plugin.

As a starting point, here's an example CSS snippet to change one of the icons:

.mmcs-list-alt:before {

    content: '\1F4FA' !important;


The code ‘\1F4FA' identifies the symbol used. You can replace it with any other Unicode character. Sites like utf8-icons.com list all the available icons and codes for each.

The code .mmcs-list-alt identifies the class name that defines the location of the icon. Each icon has its own class name. Below we list each icon location and which class name aligns with it. You can use these to generate more CSS snippets and adjust each icon to your liking:


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