Checkout Page Not Working

Checkout page not rendering correctly

The checkout page is not fully rendering and none of the JavaScript functionality works such as the submit button. Note: the issue that's causing this will also effect the My Account page.

When loading the checkout page and looking at the console in Firebug you get the following errors:

When you view the source code on the checkout page you find that the JavaScript file required by MemberMouse is not included. This file is mm-checkout-form.js.


MemberMouse uses WordPress' built-in enqueue script mechanism to load the JavaScript resources required by MemberMouse. This is the recommended method of linking JavaScript to a WordPress page.

In order to ensure that the resources are ultimately loaded you need to include the following in the footer.php file of your theme:

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Unable to Save Order: Unable to Create or Update Member

When the order form is submitted to purchase a product an error message is returned that says: “Unable to Save Order: Unable to Create or Update Member”.


This occurs when you have an SSL certificate setup for your site but you haven't configured your checkout page to force HTTPS to be used. To resolve this, simply force the checkout page to use HTTPS as outlined in the Secure Pages on Your Website section of the Securing your Site with HTTPS article.

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