Coupons Overview

What are Coupons?

MemberMouse provides you with the ability to offer discounts using coupon codes that purchasers can enter during checkout. They can be set to take a dollar or percentage off of the price, or make the item completely free. For subscription products, you can set the coupon to apply to the first payment or all payments. You also have the option to set start and end dates for coupon use, set a limit on the number of times a coupon may be used, or limit a coupon so that it only discounts certain products.

Managing Coupons

To access your coupon settings, open MemberMouse > Product Settings, and select the Coupons tab. Here, you can create new coupons, edit or delete existing coupons, and perform various other operations. For more information, please see our Managing Coupons article.

The screen shot below is an example of what the coupons tab will look like. Here you see all of your coupons, each of their settings and attributes including:  description, payment applications, number redeemed, product restrictions and valid dates.

Consult the Coupons Options table below to learn more details on each option.

Coupon Options
IDThis number is used to internally reference the coupon. It is used when adding restrictions to Bulk-Created Coupons.
NameThis name is used to internally reference the coupon. It cannot exceed 50 characters in length.
Coupon CodeThis code is entered on the checkout page in order receive a discount. The code must be alphanumeric characters or an underscore. Spaces or special characters will not work.
DescriptionThis column describes the percentage (%) or dollar ($) amount that is being discounted when the coupon is applied.
# UsedThis indicates the total number of coupons that your customers have applied to their orders.

(Available MM2.4.0+) You can click on the link in this column to reveal the breakdown of these customers in the Coupon Log.
Valid DatesThese dates specify the window of time when the coupon will be available for use.
Coupon RestrictionsEach coupon can be restricted for use on specific products. If there are restrictions to which products the coupons can be used, those products will be listed here. If there are no product restrictions, then it will be blank.
StatusThe color indicates whether the coupon is active or inactive.  

(Green) Active – Customers can use this coupon.
(Red) Inactive – Customers cannot currently use this coupon.
ActionsThe icons under this column allow you to edit, delete or hide a coupon. For more information on these operations, please see our Managing Coupons article.

Edit – Click on this icon to edit the coupon  

Delete – Click on this icon to delete a coupon. If the icon appears grey,  then the coupon has been used.  

Hide – Click on the icon to hide the coupon. At this time, you can also choose to make the coupon inactive, meaning that the coupon cannot be used. (Available MM2.4.0+)

Show – Click on the icon to show the coupon. At this time, if the coupon was previously inactive, you can also choose to make the coupon active, meaning that it can be used. (Available MM2.4.0+) 

Duplicate – Click on the icon to create a new coupon using the settings from this coupon. (Available MM2.4.1+) 
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