Managing Coupons

Coupons are discount codes that members may enter during checkout. For more information about coupons, please see our Coupons Overview article.

To manage your coupons, please open MemberMouse > Product Settings and select the Coupons tab.

Each coupon has a number of settings that control it's behavior. For a detailed description of each setting, please see the Coupon Options section at the bottom of this article.

Creating a Coupon

A new coupon may be created by clicking the Create Coupon button. This will open a dialog box containing all of the options available for the coupon.

Alternatively, you may duplicate an existing coupon by clicking the ‘duplicate' icon in the Actions column. This will open the coupon options dialog, and all settings will be prefilled from the original coupon. You will need to enter a new value for the Coupon Code as this value must be unique. (Available MM 2.4.1+)

After configuring the coupon, click the Save Coupon button to save your settings.

Editing a Coupon

Locate the coupon you wish to edit in the coupons list. On the right side, in the Actions column, click the ‘edit' icon to open the coupon options dialog.

Once a coupon has been used, only certain options may be edited, such as the Coupon NameStatus, and any Restrictions that may have been placed on coupon use. Options that may not be edited after use include the Coupon CodeDiscount and Subscription Options. 

After configuring the coupon, click the Save Coupon button to save your settings.

Deleting a Coupon

Coupons that have not been used may be deleted. A coupon is considered used one a purchaser has successfully completed checkout using the coupon code.

Locate the coupon that you wish to delete on the list. If the delete icon is red, simply click the icon in the row of the target coupon. If the delete icon is grey, this means that the coupon has been used and can't be deleted.

For coupons that have already been used, customers with MemberMouse 2.4.0+ can deactivate and hide the coupon so that it can no longer used, and does not appear in the list of coupons.

Coupon Filtering

You can use the coupon filters to show/hide hidden and expired coupons.

Visible coupons may be hidden by clicking the ‘red closed eye' button in the Actions column, and hidden coupons can be made visible by clicking the ‘blue open eye' button. When changing the visibility of a coupon, you'll be prompted to set the coupon active or inactive. Typically, hidden coupons are not being used, and would be set Inactive for this reason.

Search and Bulk Operations (Available MM 2.4.1+)

Existing coupons can be searched and modified via the bulk operations toolbar, located at the top-right of the tab:

The Search input allows you to search for coupons by name. It is not case-sensitive, and will return any coupons with names that contain the characters you enter.

To perform a bulk operation, start by selecting the target coupons. Selection checkboxes are provided in the leftmost column of the list. Next, select the action you wish to perform in the Bulk Actions drop-down. The following actions are available:

  • Show – Selected hidden coupons will be set as visible

  • Hide – Selected visible coupons will be set as hidden

  • Set Status to Active – Selected coupons will be set active, meaning they can be applied

  • Set Status to Inactive – Selected coupons will be set inactive, preventing use

  • Delete – MemberMouse will attempt to delete the selected coupons

After choosing an action, click the Apply button, and the chosen action will be applied to all selected coupons. When the actions are completed, a summary dialog will be displayed.

For bulk delete operations, note that a coupon may not be deleted once it has been used. If you want to remove a used coupon from the visible list, you should hide the coupon instead. For more information, please see our article on Deleting Coupons.

Coupon Options
Name*This field is required. Enter in a name to reference the coupon internally. It cannot exceed 50 characters in length.
Coupon Code*This field is required.

Enter a code for your customers to use in order to redeem a discount on the checkout page.

The code can be anything you want, but it must be alphanumeric characters or an underscore.

Spaces or special characters will not work.

The code you enter is not case sensitive, so a purchaser can enter the code in either capital or lower case and the coupon will function as expected.

This field is required. Select an option from the drop down menu, either, % Off, $ Off, or Free. If you select % Off or $ Off, a numeric value is required in the field to specify the percentage amount or dollar amount to be discounted.

The Free option automatically applies to all charges for subscription products. For a coupon that completely discounts the first payment of a subscription, enter 100% Off  and choose Apply discount to the first charge only as described below.
Subscription Options

(% OFF / $ Off only)

Specify if the discount is to be applied to only the first charge or to all charges in the recurring subscription. This option is only required for % Off or $ Off coupon types.

Keep in mind that the length of the discounted time provided with the First Charge Only option depends on the settings of the product. For products with no trial, the length of the first billing period is defined by the rebill period. For products with a paid trial, it is defined by the length of the trial. 

Important Note: If you use Apply Discount To First Charge Only, this will not work with a Product that has a Free Trial. With this option, Coupons will only be applied to the amount that is immediately charged at the time of checking out as indicated by the ‘Total Price'. Learn more here. 
Coupon RestrictionsThis section allows you to limit how and when the coupon can be used.

Start Date: This is the date the coupon will become available for use. To make it available for immediate use, leave the start date as today.

End Date: To make this coupon available for only a specific time frame, specify an end date. This date range is inclusive. This means the coupon will be able to be applied on the date specified as the end date but after this date, the coupon cannot be used. If this field is left blank, the coupon will never expire.

Limit Quantity: Set a quantity restriction to allow only a certain number of purchases using this coupon. If this box is left blank, the number of coupon uses is unrestricted.

Valid Products: This feature allows you the flexibility of assigning different coupons to different products. By default, all products will be unchecked, and the coupon may be used with all products.

To restrict the coupon's use to a specific product, check the box next to that product. Once a product has been selected from the list, use of this particular coupon will not be allowed with any unmarked products.
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