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This ClickBank support article talks about how you can create a payment link for ClickBank products. As a convenience, we've created a SmartTag™ that will generate this link for you. In order to do this we'll use the Purchase_Link SmartTag as it's normally used to create MemberMouse purchase links with the exception that we'll pass an additional attribute to indicate that it should generate a ClickBank purchase link.

Note: Using a ClickBank purchase link will send the user directly to ClickBank to checkout. If instead you'd like the user to go to the MemberMouse checkout page first and then go to ClickBank, just use a standard purchase link. One scenario where you may want to have the user go to the MemberMouse checkout page first is if you'd like to collect custom data as part of their registration.

  1. Ensure that ClickBank is configured and active. Read this article to learn how to configure ClickBank.

  2. Ensure that the product you want to create a purchase link for is mapped to a MemberMouse product. Read this article to learn how to map ClickBank products to MemberMouse products.

  3. Look up the product ID for the MemberMouse product you want to create a purchase link for. There are a number of ways you can find product IDs in MemberMouse.

    In this case you could also go to Payment Settings > Payment Methods in MemberMouse, scroll down to the ClickBank configuration form and click the Configure ClickBank Products button. In the product mapping dialog in the right column you can see the ID for each MemberMouse product that's mapped to a ClickBank product.

  4. Finally, use the Purchase_Link SmartTag to create the purchase link as follows:    
<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='25' paymentMethod='clickbank']">Buy Now</a>

In this case, we're using '25' as the example product ID, but you would replace this with the product ID in your system. If you're using a custom ClickBank order form, follow the instructions in the section below to adjust your purchase link to send customers to your custom order form.

Send Customers to a Custom ClickBank Order Form

ClickBank has a Custom Order Form feature that allows you to add your own branding and adjust colors on the ClickBank order form. If you're using a custom order form you'll need to add an additional parameter to your ClickBank purchase links.

In ClickBank, on the My Order Form page, to the right of your existing order form templates, you'll see a column called URL parameter. For each template, the parameter will look something like this:


You'll need to copy that URL parameter, and then append it to any ClickBank purchase links as follows:

<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='25' paymentMethod='clickbank']&cbskin=2">Buy Now</a>

In this case we're using ‘2' as the example order form ID, but you would replace this with the order form ID you see in ClickBank.

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