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MemberMouse includes jQuery UI JavaScript and CSS files on the front-end of your site by default. If the theme you're using is also including jQuery UI then MemberMouse's version may conflict with the version used by your theme which can create undesirable results. In this case you can safely instruct MemberMouse not to include jQuery UI, as your theme is already including it.

IMPORTANT: MemberMouse uses jQuery UI on the front-end to render dialog windows on the My Account page and other pages. If you disable MemberMouse's jQuery UI you'll want to view your My Account page and make sure that the dialogs are still functioning. If they're not, this means that the dialog component is not being included in the jQuery UI version you're using.

You can include the following code in the functions.php file of your theme to load the dialog component:



How to keep MemberMouse from including jQuery UI on the front-end of your site
  1. From the MemberMouse menu, go to General Settings, and then click on the Other Settings tab.

  2. Scroll down to the jQuery UI Options section.

  3. To keep MemberMouse from including jQuery UI on the front-end of your site, uncheck the box.

  4. Click the Save settings button to save your settings.
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