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Does MemberMouse support split testing?

The actual process of split-testing would have to be handled externally – MemberMouse doesn't provide a split-testing service or methods to target audiences based on location, time, or other factors.

MemberMouse does make it easy for you to create products with flexible pricing that you can use in split-testing.

Our Process for Split-Testing:

MemberMouse allows you to set up multiple products for each membership level or bundle. So the same content protection can be offered for purchase with a variety of prices and ways to purchase. For example: “$100 lifetime access”, “3 easy payments of $30”, and “$9 monthly subscription” could all be products associated with the same membership level.

You can configure multiple products with different prices. After doing that and setting these purchase links up on your site, there are several reporting features that allow you to view what products are purchased most frequently:

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