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Engagement Statistics or Page Access Not Tracking

If page access or login events aren't being tracked in your activity log this could be as a result of a plugin conflict or security in the environment.

Plugin / Theme Conflicts

The first thing to check is to run MemberMouse in safe mode and see if the problem persists. To test this, simply log in with a test account in another browser and click to view a few different pages. These should be tracked in the activity log. If the pages are tracked while MemberMouse is in safe mode, but not when safe mode is disabled, this means that one of the plugins being used or your theme is causing the problem.


Some security plugins when configured in a particular way are known to cause issues with tracking engagement statistics. For example, the Sucuri plugin has the ability to block access to comments and trackbacks. With this security enabled, MemberMouse engagement statistics will also be impacted.

WordPress is_user_logged_in() Function Not Working

Ultimately, MemberMouse relies on the WordPress function is_user_logged_in() to determine whether or not to track engagement statistics. So if is_user_logged_in() is evaluating to false when a user is logged in this will result in the MemberMouse engagement statistics not being track. Since this is a WordPress function, the resolution for this is a question for WordPress support, but might still come down to a plugin conflict or server settings.

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