Installing MemberMouse on a Local Host

SUPPORT DISCLAIMER: If you have issues using the plugin on a local host, we won't be able to assist with troubleshooting as it falls outside of our support policy. See the Web Hosting Issues section of the MemberMouse Support Policy for more information. We have provided some general troubleshooting steps for local host issues, but if you can't get the plugin to work on a local install, ultimately we suggest that you run it on a real server. 

If you want to activate the MemberMouse plugin in a local development environment you just need to make sure that you have a valid license. Additionally, if you are planning to use your local host server as a test environment, separate from the production license, then you'll need to request a staging license. (steps listed below)

If you're developing locally, once you have your license, make sure to register a URL for your MemberMouse license that is not just http://localhost. It should be something that will be unique across all customers like http://localhost/yoursitename.

 Follow the steps below to request a staging license
  1. Submit a ticket to the MemberMouse Customer Success team and use ‘Staging License Request' is the subject line.

  2. In the body of your request please provide:

    • the email address associated with your account on membermouse.com
    • whether the staging license is for a local development environment or a publicly accessible one
    • the URL of the WordPress site you're using as your staging environment, including the HTTP or HTTPS at the front of the URL
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