Uninstalling MemberMouse 2.4

For Versions 2.4 and older only. MemberMouse version 2.0 and above have different tables this script will not work with.

IMPORTANT: This operation CANNOT be undone. We recommend backing up your site files and database prior to running the uninstaller.

If you want to uninstall MemberMouse from your WordPress follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the MemberMouse uninstaller plugin.

  2. Go to the WordPress dashboard menu Plugins Add New.

  3. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top.

  4. When you get to the upload page choose the membermouse-uninstaller.zip file and click Install Now.

  5. After the plugin is installed you will need to click on the Activate link .

  6. After the MM Uninstaller is active click the Plugins menu to find the MemberMouse Platform plugin and click the Deactivate button.

  7. Now that MemberMouse Platform is deactivated and the MM Uninstaller is active find the MM Uninstaller menu item in the WordPress dashboard and follow the instructions listed.

    Note: All MemberMouse database tables and configuration data will be deleted. Your member account information such as username, email address and password will not be deleted as this is managed by WordPress, but all data managed by MemberMouse such as membership level, purchase history and address information etc will be deleted. This operation CANNOT be undone. We recommend backing up your data prior to running the uninstaller.

  8. After the uninstaller is finished click on the Plugins page and find the MM Uninstaller then click Deactivate.  From this point you can delete the MemberMouse plugin along with the uninstaller.
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