Merge Member Accounts

When a member has signed up multiple times, or made purchases using different email addresses, multiple accounts are created, and this can cause confusion for the member.

The Merge Accounts feature allows the admin to merge two member accounts together, to consolidate them into a single account. This function permits you to select general account information, custom field data, access rights, subscriptions, and payment information from either account, and combine it into one.

Selecting the Accounts to Merge

The first step to merge two accounts is to select the account that you would like to be the primary account. This account will provide the basis for the new, merged account data.

In general, we recommend that the account with the more extensive transaction history be used as the primary account. However, note that passwords cannot be transferred, so the primary account password will determine the password of the merged account, and this may impact your decision.

  1. In Manage Members, use the search tools to locate the desired account to be the Primary Account

  2. Select the email address to open the Member Details for this account

  3. Click on the Merge Accounts button in the Tools section

    The Merge Accounts dialog box will appear, and you will be prompted to select a Secondary Account. This is the member account that you want to merge with the primary account:

    The search field will return results based on First Name, Last Name or Email Address searches.
Choosing the Data to Merge into the Primary Account

With the Merge Accounts Tool, data for the two accounts will be displayed side-by-side, and you'll be prompted to choose details to merge from the following sections:

  • General – This includes First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Username, Phone Number, Billing Address and Shipping Address. Note that passwords cannot be transferred, so the merged account will always use the password from the primary account.

  • Custom Fields – This will only be shown if Custom Fields are being used. In that case, it will display all of the available Custom Fields.

  • Access Rights, Subscriptions & Payment Information – This includes the ability to select the Membership Level of the merged account, choose Bundles and Products to be transferred from the secondary account, and select which Card on File information to maintain.

At the end of each section, you can click Next to proceed, Back to return to the previous section, or Cancel to abort the merge operation.

Selecting General and Custom Field Data

In these sections, you will select the member information and custom field data for the merged member account. Since the two accounts will ultimately be combined into one, you will need to choose between the data in the primary and secondary accounts.

By default, all data in the primary account is selected.

You can select data from the secondary account by marking the Radio Button for a particular field. For example, below we have selected the EmailUsername, and Billing Address from the secondary account:

The Custom Fields section will only present options if you have created custom fields on your site. Otherwise, it will display the message ‘No custom fields defined.'

Selecting Access Rights, Subscriptions, and Payment Information

In this section, you will choose the access rights and subscriptions that will be present in the merged account, along with any card-on-file payment information that may be present. If the selected access right has an associated subscription, it will also be merged into the primary account. For any access right that is not selected, any associated subscription will be canceled.

The access rights and subscriptions you select will impact the transaction history of the merged account as follows:

  • All transactions performed by the primary account are preserved
  • From the secondary account, only transactions associated with selected access rights and subscriptions will be merged

Membership Level – Since members can have only a single membership level at a time, you will need to choose between the membership levels of the primary and secondary accounts.

If there is an active subscription associated with the membership not selected, it will be canceled.

Bundles – All bundles associated with the primary account will be included in the merged account, and you will have the option to add any bundles that may be present on the secondary account. Each bundle on the secondary account has its own checkbox, and marking the box will include the bundle in the merged account.

Any active subscriptions on bundles that aren't transferred will be canceled. Note that when merging two accounts with active subscriptions for the same bundle, selecting the bundle from the secondary account will include it's transaction history in the merged account, but it will not result in duplicate subscriptions, even if the setting permitting Duplicate Subscriptions is enabled.

Products – Only products that have been purchased as a standalone product and are not associated with a membership level or bundle would be located in this section. All standalone products linked to the primary account will be included in the merged account, and you can select from any of those linked to the secondary account by marking their checkboxes.

Any active subscriptions on products that aren't transferred will be canceled.

Payment Information – This section gives you the ability to manage the card-on-file details associated with the newly merged account.

Options for each account will only be presented if your site utilizes a card-on-file payment method, and the member used it for a purchase.

Once the accounts have been merged, any subscription that uses a card-on-file will subsequently use the card that you select in this section.

When you have finished making your selections, click Preview Merged Account to continue.

NOTE for offsite payment methods: If the original subscription did not use a card-on-file payment method, the original payment method will continue to be used.

For example: If you have both Stripe and PayPal configured on your site and

the member purchased Bundle A with a credit card and Bundle B through PayPal and

both of these bundles are being transferred to the merged account, then

On the merged account, Bundle A will bill on whichever credit card has been transferred and Bundle B will continue to bill through PayPal.

Previewing and Merging the Accounts

To allow you to verify the changes you've selected, MemberMouse displays a complete description of the merged account before the merge operation is executed. 

Merge operations are irreversible, so this is your final opportunity to make changes.

Clicking the Edit link in any section will take you directly back to the appropriate section in the editor.

In the preview, data from the primary account that remains unchanged is shown in regular text on a white background. Any data that will be changed is displayed in bold and highlighted in light-blue.

In the example below, the Email and Username will be changed.

In the Access Rights section, the membership level of the merged account is displayed; and for bundles and products, you will see both what the primary account already has, and what will be added or replaced by the secondary account.

When you are satisfied that the account preview contains the correct data, click the Merge Accounts button at the bottom of the panel.

Be aware that merging accounts will result in the secondary account being deleted, and any subscription not being transferred to be canceled. When you click to merge the accounts you will see a warning dialog informing you of this.

If this is acceptable, click OK to finalize the merge process.

Any push notifications associated with bundles being added or canceled, as well as membership levels canceled will be triggered, if these actions are occurring, when the accounts are merged.

NOTE for subscriptions involving PayPal:  If there are subscriptions that will be canceled and that are currently billing through PayPal, MemberMouse will send cancellation requests to PayPal for these subscriptions. However, we cannot guarantee these subscriptions will be canceled on the PayPal side. Following the merge, we recommend that you log into PayPal to confirm the cancellation has been registered.

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