Transactions Overview

What is the Transactions View?

The transactions view is a section in the Member Details area that displays payment-related activity for each member's account. This includes any initial and subscription payments, associated affiliate information and an account of what refunds have been issued.

Viewing Transactions

In the MemberMouse menu go to Manage Members and then click on any member's email or click on the pencil icon in order to see the details for that member.

Next, click on the Transactions tab.

The screenshot below is an example of what the transactions tab for a member will look like.

Here you will be able to quickly see all of the purchases a member has made, the order number, date and time of the transaction and other attributes. The transaction tab is also where you can issue a refund or add/edit affiliate info. Consult the Transaction Details table below to learn more.

Transaction Details
Order#This is a reference number for the order. The member will see the order# in their order history.
DateThis is the date and time that the purchase went through.
Product NameThis is the name of the product that was purchased. Remember that products can be associated with bundles or membership levels.  

To learn more, see the article Products Overview.
AmountThe dollar amount the member was charged for the product will be listed here.

VOIDED – If the charge was ‘refunded' before the amount was settled through the payment processor and debited from the customer's account.

A ‘purple ticket' icon indicates that a discount was applied to the transaction – either a coupon or proration. You can hover over this icon to see more information about the discount applied to the transaction.

The ‘red dollar' icon indicates that this is a refund.  

The ‘green dollar' icon indicates that this is a payment.

Hover over the payment icon to see more information.

The ‘grey beaker' indicates that this is a test transaction.
AffiliateThe ‘orange megaphone' indicates that affiliate info is associated with the transaction.


This text box will appear when you roll over the affiliate icon. It shows the IDs of the affiliate and/or sub-affiliate responsible for referring this sale. In this case, the sub-affiliate ID is set to tracking the source, a banner ad. Read this article to learn more about affiliate tracking.

Click the ‘red reverse arrow' icon to issue a refund. You will be asked to confirm that you want to issue a refund for the full amount associated with the transaction.

If the refund was processed successfully, you will see a ‘Refund Issued' message with a green checkmark in the actions column.

Click on the ‘blue paper airplane' icon to send a commission request to the affiliate provider you're integrated with. This option is only available when you're integrated with an affiliate provider that supports commission tracking.

Edit Affiliate Info – Click on the ‘pencil' icon to add/edit affiliate info on the transaction. Learn more.
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