Speed Up Testing By Using Test Data

Why Use Test Data?

When first setting up MemberMouse you would expect to see a blank checkout form with no information filled out in the fields. So if you want to run a test right then, you would need to manually type in all of the information that's required before submitting the test order. Test data allows you to run through your checkout process without having to populate the checkout form each time or create real transactions.

Enabling Test Data

In order to use test data, at least one of your payment methods needs to be active. Alternatively, you can activate and use the test payment service which allows you to run transactions without a payment processor integrated. Here are the steps to enable test data:

  1. Navigate to Payment Settings > Test Data tab

  2. Check the box that says “Use Test Data”. The following form should appear on the page:

  3. Fill out the fields in the test data configuration form with information that you want to use for your test scenarios.

    (NoteYou should use a real email address for an account that you have access to. MemberMouse will automatically generate a unique email address(es) based on the email address you put in here for each test. If you use a Gmail account, you'll even be able to receive all of the emails that MemberMouse sends out in the same inbox.)

  4. Click the Save Test Data button.
Result of Enabling Test Data

If you go back to your checkout form and refresh the page, you'll notice that the entire checkout form is pre-populated with the test data you entered on the Test Data page. Now all you need to do is submit your test order. You will notice each time that a new test is performed, a number is added to the email to ensure unique testing each time. You can leverage this useful tool to help your testing process be as quick and efficient as possible when setting up your MemberMouse site.

When you're getting your site up and running you'll likely want to run a number of tests to make sure everything is working the way you expect. In this article, you will learn how you can make your testing process quicker and more efficient by using test data.

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