Using the Drip Content Schedule

This article explains how to use the Drip Content Schedule to view and manage all of your protected content across membership levels and bundles. This tool allows you to set access rights on content efficiently, without having to visit each piece of content individually. The Drip Content Schedule provides an easy way to view all of the content protected by membership levels and bundles and to edit them all in one place. Go to Product Settings > Drip Content Schedule to access the tool.

“Drip Content Schedule” is a term we use to refer to releasing content over time to a member. If the content on your site is intended to be available to members immediately upon sign-up, then you can drip your content on day zero.

An example of a drip content schedule is one where:

  • on day 0 (zero) of somebody's membership they get access to content A
  • on day 2 of their membership they get access to content B
  • on day 3 they get access to content C

The content is dripped to them over time.

On the left-hand side you can see a list of all of the membership levels and bundles currently in the system:

If you select the checkbox beside one of these membership levels and click View Schedule you can see a graphical depiction of the drip content schedule for that particular membership level. You can see what content members of the selected membership level get access to and on what day of their membership they get access to it.

NOTE: The first day of somebody's membership in MemberMouse is considered day 0 (zero), so if you want to grant access to a piece of content on day 5 of somebody's membership you would enter in ‘4' and if you want to grant access to content on day 30 of somebody's membership you would enter in '29.'

You can also edit what they get access to directly from the Drip Content Schedule. If you want to remove a page from the selected membership level, you can expand the row and click on the green check mark icon to edit the access, then select Revoke Access and update. Now members of that membership level no longer get access that page.

If you want to add access to content:

  1. click the plus sign icon 
  2. select the radio button for a page or post
  3. locate the content in the drop-down
  4. specify the day on which you want to grant access
  5. click the “Grant Access” button

You can also compare drip content schedules between different membership levels and bundles by selecting multiple options in the View Schedule box. The drip content schedules for all selected membership levels and bundles will be displayed graphically below the View Schedule box.

This icon showing a green check mark and a red ‘X' means that there are mixed access rights for the associated day. Members of the membership level with this icon get access to some but not all of the content that members of other membership levels get on that day. You can see which content they have access to by expanding the row.

You can use the Drip Content Schedule to manage access to bundles, in the same ways we've detailed for membership levels.

You can also copy a drip content schedule.

NOTE: You cannot protect custom post types using the drip content schedule. You will need to protect and schedule custom post content one post at a time.

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