Integrate with wpForo to create a forum

If you use MemberMouse for your WordPress membership website, wpForo can be a great solution if you want to have a forum for your members. While it is not natively integrated with MemberMouse like bbPress, it's free, responsive, looks great out of the box and is easy to customize. It's a great way to validate whether or not a forum will work for a particular membership.

The integration of MemberMouse and wpForo is pretty straightforward. These two plugins use some of WordPress database data and therefore the integration comes naturally. But even so, some changes are needed in order to have a full integration. Vic Dorfman and his team at Memberfix have created an integration and generously shared all the details on the Memberfix blog : https://memberfix.rocks/integrate-membermouse-wpforo/

This information is provided to assist our customers in finding a solution that works best for their needs. Since this is a 3rd party solution, the MemberMouse support team cannot help in troubleshooting or implementation of this custom integration.

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