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Before going live with your site it's important to test your sales process and other customer experiences to make sure that everything is functioning as you expect. It's better to find any misconfigurations before you have real customers visiting the site and risk providing a customer experience that you didn't intend. We're big fans of testing so we've made accomplishing this a priority in MemberMouse.

Action Items

Request a Staging License

Every MemberMouse account comes with a free staging license that accommodates a limited number of members and can be used on any development site that’s not open to public use.

Preview your Site

When you’re logged in as an administrator you’ll be able to preview your site as different members who have different levels of access. This way you can see what they see!

Make a Test Purchase

We have a test payment integration that you can use while you’re building your site so that you run through the entire sales/upsell process as a customer would without spending any real money. You can also employ test data so that the checkout form is automatically filled out each time you want to run a test.

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