MemberMouse Platform Updates (Version 2.4.1 & 2.4.2)

MemberMouse 2.4.2 is now available – you can update directly from the link on your WordPress Dashboard or download using the link below to manually upgrade.

MemberMouse 2.4.2 contains all the terrific features of our previous release (2.4.1) at the end of February with a few key improvements.

We are really excited to get this release out to you. It's packed with over 50 new features, enhancements, improvements and fixes! Including…..

  • Complete support for PHP 8.1 and MySQL 8.0;
  • protect posts and pages in bulk;
  • duplicate or perform bulk actions on products, membership levels, bundles and coupons;
  • bulk delete members;
  • major Braintree payment integration updates for SCA compliance;
  • and text-based search and filter options added to admin screens.

Add to all of that our Lightning Grids, the result of a soup-to-nuts overhaul of the data grid, increasing ease and speed of navigation and retrieval times for the most frequently used screens.

These features plus some other highlights of the release are detailed below. You can find a complete listing of all the new elements of version 2.4.1/2.4.2 in the release notes for 2.4.1 and the release notes for 2.4.2.

PHP 8.1 MemberMouse
Full support for PHP 8.0, 8.1 and MySQL 8.0 This latest release of MemberMouse is compatible with PHP versions 7.4 – 8.1 and MySQL 8. PHP 8.0 and 8.1 represent a major update in the PHP language which translates to a noticeable increase in performance and speed, plus improved security on your site. The upgrade to MySQL 8 offers another significant performance boost when accessing saved data, as well as removal of unnecessary redundancy that can reduce the incidence of data errors.

It is recommended that you are running at least WordPress 5.6 prior to upgrading to MemberMouse 2.4.2, PHP 8.0 and above.

Duplicate Membership Levels MemberMouse
Bulk actions and duplication functionality added for Membership Levels, Products, Bundles and Coupons A bulk operations toolbar has been added which allows multiple bulk actions including show, hide, set status to active, set status to inactive, and delete to be applied for any number of selected items in any membership type. In addition, it is now possible to duplicate products, membership levels, bundles or coupons. Once the duplication icon is clicked, you can edit the settings to create a new item from the existing one.

Bulk Delete Members
Delete members in bulk The Manage Members grid now has a bulk delete option for when you have an abundance of test members, spam signups, or non-paying members that are important to remove. Multiple members who do not have an active subscription, or are in expired, canceled or pending cancellation status, or on a free membership level can be selected in bulk and deleted all at one time.

Bulk protect pages MemberMouse
Bulk protect pages and posts For pages and posts, a new function has been added to the WordPress Bulk Actions menu, ‘Manage Access'. This allows for adding or removing content protection for multiple posts or pages in one interface. Multiple access rights via membership level and/or bundle can be added or removed at one time. To learn more about how to use this functionality, view the article Protect Content in Bulk.

MemberMouse Lightning Grids
Introducing Lightning Grids Lightning Grids represents an overhaul of the data grid. The performance of the Manage Members, Browse Transactions, Products, Membership Levels, Bundles and Coupons screens has been improved to allow for a faster interaction with and retrieval time for results. The ability to perform bulk operations and text-based search have been implemented. Additionally, when selecting multiple items, these selections will be remembered when navigating between multiple results pages.

MailChimp tags MemberMouse
Add tags to MailChimp subscribers A tag can now be added to a subscriber in MailChimp when a bundle is applied, and removed when a bundle is canceled. A checkbox has been added to the MailChimp integration interface to enable/disable tagging.

Braintree MemberMouse SCA
Braintree payment integration updated This update follows Braintree's recommended best practices for SCA-compliance. Some enhancements that have been added : a 3DSecure2 challenge will always be requested in order to establish a mandate for card-on-file charging, server-side billing and shipping addresses are always sent and the front-end Javascript version is now 3.70.0 . For a full description of this major update to Braintree, you can review the release notes.

Text-based Search MemberMouse
Text-based search in admin screens The Manage Members, Browse Transactions, Products, Membership Levels, Bundles and Coupons data grids have been updated to allow filtering of results through a responsive text-based search box.

Sort by Country Notes MemberMouse
Search fields added to Manage Member interface Members can be sorted and searched by the ‘Notes' field and by Country.

Export Members MemberMouse
Member export improvements This feature has been rebuilt to include a progress dialog box that remains open while the export file is being created. The ability to cancel the operation while in progress has been added. Any issues with large numbers of members' information being exported have been resolved.

Universal Content Access MemberMouse
Universal content access for admin The content protection system has been updated to allow the Admin to be able to view all protected content. This is now the default setting.

Cancellation Link My Account MemberMouse
Cancel any subscription from My Account page Functionality has been added to the cancellation link on the My Account page to allow subscriptions that are not associated with access to be cancelled. The subscription will appear in the ‘Subscriptions' area, as before, but now there will also be a visible ‘cancel' link as with subscriptions associated with access.

Upgrade MemberMouse
Don't get left behind We want to strongly encourage anyone still running versions 2.3.0 and below to update to the latest version. Since 2.3.0, there have been many security and operational enhancements, including support for Strong Customer Authentication and GDPR, not to mention great new features and bug fixes. For manual upgrades, you can use this link to download the latest version. You can also find links for all of the previous versions in the MemberMouse Versions article.
If you have any questions about updating, just ask! Email us at [email protected].

Updating to MemberMouse 2.4.2

To take advantage of the new tools and features, you will have to update to the new version.

Read the full release notes for 2.4.1.
Read the full release notes for 2.4.2.

Cynthia Bennett

Cynthia is the Head of Customer Experience for MemberMouse.

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