2.4.1 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse.

Summary of New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • Added Support for PHP 8.1. PHP 8.0 and 8.1 represent a major update in the PHP language which translates to a noticeable increase in performance and speed, plus improved security on your site. MemberMouse is currently compatible with PHP versions 7.4 – 8.1. Note that before updating you must be on WordPress 5.6. (1866)

  • Added Support for MySQL 8.0. The MySQL 8.0 database is now supported. (1866)

  • Added Ability to Protect Posts and Pages in Bulk. For pages and posts, a new function has been added to the WordPress Bulk Actions menu, ‘Manage Access'. This allows for adding or removing content protection for multiple posts or pages in one interface. Multiple access rights via membership level and/or can be added or removed at one time. To learn more about how to use this functionality, view the article Protect Content in Bulk. (1594, 1916)

  • Added Ability to Delete Members in Bulk. Multiple members who are in expired, canceled or pending cancellation status, or do not otherwise have an active subscription, or are on a free membership level can be selected in bulk and deleted all at one time. This functionality can be found in the Manage Members grid, under ‘Bulk Actions'. For more information look at our Bulk Delete Members article. (1776)

  • Added the Ability to Duplicate Products, Membership Levels, Bundles and Coupons.  This new duplication functionality is accessed through the ‘Actions' column for products, membership levels, bundles and coupons. Once the duplication icon is clicked, then you can edit the settings to create a new item from the existing one. More details can be found in Managing ProductsManaging Membership LevelsManaging Bundles and Managing Coupons . (1931)

  • Added Bulk Actions Functionality for Membership Types. A bulk operations toolbar has been added to the grids for all membership types: products, membership levels, bundles and coupons. This toolbar allows multiple bulk actions including show, hide, set status to active, set status to inactive, and delete to be applied for multiple selected items of any membership type. (1776)

  • Search Fields Added to Manage Member Interface. Members can be sorted and searched by the ‘Notes' field and by Country. For more information about searching members, go to Browsing Members. (1763)

  • Introduction of Lightning Grids. Lightning Grids represents an overhaul of the data grid. The performance of the Manage Members, Browse Transactions, Products, Membership Levels, Bundles and Coupons screens has been improved to allow for a faster interaction with and retrieval time for results. The ability to perform bulk operations, text-based search and intelligent pre-fetching of pages have been implemented. Additionally, when selecting multiple items, these selections will be remembered when navigating between multiple results pages. (1776, 1778)

  • Added Ability for Text-based Search. The Manage Members, Browse Transactions, Products, Membership Levels, Bundles and Coupons data grids have been updated to allow filtering of results through a text-based search box. (801)

  • Improvements made to the Member Export feature. This feature has been rebuilt to include a progress dialog box that remains open while the export file is being created. The ability to cancel the operation while in progress has been added. Once the file is created, a .csv file will download and the dialog box will go away. Any issues with large numbers of members' information being exported have been resolved. Learn more about exporting member data. (960)

  • Universal Content Access for Admin. The content protection system has been updated to allow as the default setting the Admin to be able to view all protected content. For more options of how to view different content available based on different levels of access, review the article Previewing Your Site as Different Members (1881)

  • Added Support for Tagging to MailChimp Integration. A tag can now be added to a subscriber in MailChimp when a bundle is applied and removed when a bundle is canceled. A checkbox has been added to the MailChimp integration interface to enable/disable tagging. Look at Configuring MailChimp for more details about the integration. (1886)

  • Major Braintree Payment Integration Update to Enhance SCA Compliance. (1864)

    Here is a list of the additions to the integration:
    • Server-side billing address is now sent.
    • Server-side shipping address is added and sent.
    • Instead of being hardcoded to USD, the currency setting, as defined in Checkout Settings > Other Settings is sent.
    • “transactionSource” parameter has been added and is sent, based on order composition and source (initial payment or rebill).
    • Front-end (javascript) Javascript SDK version has been advanced from 3.50.1 to 3.70.0 as recommended by Braintree documentation.
    • A 3DSecure2 challenge will always be requested in order to establish a mandate for card-on-file charging. This is also based on Braintree documentation best practices. Check out Configuring Braintree to learn how to set up the integration. And for more information on SCA and MemberMouse, please review Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Compliance .

  • Resolved an Issue With Granting Access for Sticky.io Purchases. The issue was occurring when a charge was initiated from the MemberMouse checkout form and the card was declined. MemberMouse was treating this as a successful charge and granting access. This has been resolved. More details about our Sticky.io integration can be found here. (1887)

  • Resolved Issue with PayPal and Overdue Accounts. When an account went overdue for a subscription processed by PayPal, the account was set into Overdue status as expected, but was not being canceled even after a failed rebill attempt. This has been resolved so that after a 7-day period without successful payment, the account will be automatically canceled and access rights removed. See here for more about Configuring PayPal. (1889)

  • Resolved Issue with Overdue Payment Plans with a Paid Trial. There was an issue when payment plans with a paid trial were restarted after being in overdue status resulting in one payment being skipped. The mechanism for calculating the expected number of payments has been altered to account for this scenario. Learn more about our Automated Overdue Payment Handling process. (1899)

  • Resolved Issue with Rebilling Dates at the End of the Month. Resolved an issue where a payment scheduled on the last day of the month would not process on the last day of the following month if the following month was shorter, instead processing on the first day of the next month. This resulted in the optics of a ‘missed payment' for that shorter month. The calculation is now done using at ‘end of the month' date as opposed to a ‘+30 days' calculation. This ensures that there will be a billing event on the last day of each month. (1677)

  • Resolved Issue with Rebilling Dates Creeping Forward. Due to the way that card-on-file payments were executed, over time scheduled rebill dates would creep forward and could ultimately result in a payment date changing to the next numbered day. For example, July 4 would become July 5. The rebilling mechanism has been modified to use the original scheduled event data each time and increment the next rebill date based on this. (1862)

  • Resolved Issue with Expired Membership Push Notification. Resolved an issue where the push notification trigger for ‘Membership Status Change – Expired' fired twice. Learn more about Using Push Notifications. (1883)

  • Resolved Issue with Import Members functionality. The importer has been rebuilt for this release. This resolves a failure on import that occurred with large numbers of members in the import CSV file. (243)

  • Added Support for customAttributes attribute to MM_Form_Field on Login, Reset Password and Forgot Password forms. Look here for more information on the Form Field SmartTag (MM_Form_Field) or more generally at SmartTags™ Overview to learn more about SmartTag functionality. (1875)

  • Added Order Date to Push Notifications. An order date has been added to data packaged up for product-related push notifications. (1879)

  • Added Billing and Shipping Line 2 to Member Export file. The CSV export file for members now includes an Address 2 field after the current shipping and billing address columns. (2961)

  • Adjusted Authorization for Twitter Social Sign In. Removed index.php?hauth.done=Twitter from the callback URL as it does not seem to be required. The article Allow Membership Signup and Login via Social Network Credentials will give you more information about adding social sign on functionality. (1690)

  • Increased Functionality for Updating WordPress User Profile. Added functionality that will also update first/last name on the WP profile when updating the member profile within the member details section of MM. (1768)

  • Updated Reset Password Functionality. Changed the Reset Password functionality so that the WordPress Reset Password Hooks are triggered when using the MemberMouse Reset Password Form. Go here for more details on Reset Password Core Page. (1914)

  • Addressed Issue Where Addition of Checkout Form Changed Core Page Types. Addressed the selection issue where core page doesn’t remain after updating a page with the checkout form on it. Further, modified several core methods to core pages that will exclude examination of the “custom” page during circumstances where only the selected page should be present. Lastly, the checkout core page will no longer also be saved as a custom core page. (1827)

  • Added Error Messaging For Attempted Purchase of Inactive Membership Level or Bundle. When a product is purchased that's associated with a bundle or membership level that's been marked as inactive, the customer will see an error indicating that the bundle/membership is not active and cannot be purchased, instead of seeing the checkout form. (1830)

  • Adjusted Coupons Admin View. The Coupons view now includes a Status column (Active/Inactive) and the ability to Show/Hide coupons in the Admin view. Go to Managing Coupons for more details. (1831)

  • Resolved Sticky.io Configuration Issue “No Shipping Methods”. In the event that there isn’t access to the shipping method endpoints on Sticky.io, an error on the payment settings screen will display after loading the credentials and trying to populate the Shipping Methods drop down. Read more about Mapping Sticky.io Shipping Options to MemberMouse. (1839)

  • Resolved Issue with Displaying Multiple IP Addresses.  The Activity Log and and Member Details > General tab have been updated to use the new method which renders a comma-delimitated list of IP addresses correctly. (1841)

  • Resolved Issue Occurring with Access Decision SmartTag for Accounts and Posts with Multiple Bundles. Previously, when more than one bundle was applied to a post and also applied to a user, the Access Decision SmartTag returned the access of the first bundle it found. This has been modified to take into account the access for multiple bundles. Learn more about the powerful Access Decision SmartTag (MM_Access_Decision), or read our SmartTags™ Overview for general information about SmartTags. (1844)

  • Added functionality to My Account page cancellation link. A subscription that is not associated with access can now be canceled from the My Account page. The subscription will appear in the ‘Subscriptions' area, as before, but now there will also be a visible ‘cancel' link as with subscriptions associated with access. More details can be found at My Account Core Page. (1846)

  • Added interface element in Member Details to temporarily unlock username and edit. While editing of the username has been possible previously by changing the WordPress settings, it is now possible to temporarily override the default locked status for username directly in the Member Details > General tab. Check out Edit a Member's Account Information. (1847)

  • Resolved Issue with Page Refresh for Gifts Log and Coupon View. Both the Gifts Log and the Coupon View screens have filtering mechanisms that, when applied, automatically refresh the page to display the changes made. However, this was not occurring when a column has been clicked to sort and then filters are applied. This has been resolved. (1851)

  • Changed the Countries Setting upon Installation. For the Checkout Settings > Countries setting, the installer now sets the default country selection that customers can purchase from to be all countries instead of only the United States. For more information about how to adjust this setting, go to Setting Valid Countries for Checkout Forms. (1853)

  • Adjusted Permissions on Preview View. Adjusted permissions so that logged in employees can use the preview settings bar. Look at Previewing Your Site as Different Members for more information about using the preview settings bar. (1885)

  • Added WP Reset Password Hooks Trigger. When the MemberMouse Reset Password form is used, it will now also call the WP reset_password() method. (1914)
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