release notes for the recent update of membermouse version 2.3.2

MemberMouse Platform Updates (Version 2.3.2)

MemberMouse 2.3.2 is now available – you can update directly from the link on your WordPress Dashboard or download using the link below to manually upgrade. Featured below are some of the highlights of this release. You can find a complete listing of all the new elements of version 2.3.2 in the release notes.

MemberMouse Accessibility updates
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Update Creating a website that welcomes everyone – regardless of any impairments or disabilities they might have – is incredibly important. The bottom line is that web accessibility matters – plain and simple. That’s why this update has a strong focus on improving MemberMouse to meet the Web Content Accessibility 2.0 guidelines.

We’ve added Section 508 compatibility elements to the My Account page. This includes the following changes:

Added label tags and corresponding “for” elements.
Converted link elements to button elements where applicable.
Table “role” identification.
Added “required” attribute to required fields.

Our CTO here at MemberMouse – Ben Daughtry – knows first-hand why improving accessibility is so important:

“As someone who has a close relative with a serious vision issue, I greatly appreciate web accessibility initiatives like this one. While my relative may not be much of an internet user, seeing how a severe ocular condition can impact someone's ability to see has helped me better understand both how and why we need to make the web more accessible to everyone.”

Important Note: As part of this effort, some of the buttons on MemberMouse internal dialogs were changed from styled “href” link elements to HTML ‘button' elements. If you have changed the default styling on the dialog controls in any way, after updating to 2.3.2 you will have to update your CSS to style the ‘button' elements instead.

You can learn more about the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines here.

Browse Transactions Report
Sort & Browse Transactions by Payment Provider We added a sortable column to Browse Transactions screen to show the payment provider used for each transaction. This means you can now see and organize all of the transactions that have occurred on your site via Stripe, PayPal, etc. Learn more about the Browse Transactions report.

Advanced Reporting Suite
Added more data display options for Advanced Reports Enhanced the Membership Sales, Product Sales, and Payment Service reports by adding the ability to filter by “Initial Sales”, “Rebills Only”, or “Initial Sales and Rebills”. Learn more about our Advanced Reporting Suite and how these tools can give insight into your best channels and customer lifetime value.

Export Notes Field
Added the Notes Field to Member Export File The ‘Notes' field from the Member Details > General tab is now included in export files. Learn more about exporting member data.

ClickBank integration for MemberMouse
ClickBank Integration Update We’ve added ability to dynamically load more than 100 products into the product mapping dialog. If you’d like to learn more about mapping ClickBank products with MemberMouse, check out this article from our support center.

Stripe integration for MemberMouse
Stripe Integration Updates Stripe Elements sections can now be directly modified using Stripe's CSS; Stripe Live Publishable Key is always visible after it has been entered; no error will occur if neither Stripe.js or Stripe Elements are activated; and when using Stripe Elements and no billing information is included at checkout, empty strings will not be sent to Stripe.

Upgrade MemberMouse
Don't get left behind We want to strongly encourage anyone still running versions 2.2.6 and below to update to the latest version. There have been many security and operational enhancements since 2.2.6, not to mention great new features and bug fixes. For manual upgrades, you can use this link to download the latest version. You can also find links for all of the previous versions in the MemberMouse Versions article. If you have any questions about updating, just ask! Email us at [email protected].


Updating to MemberMouse 2.3.2
To take advantage of the new tools and features, you will have to update to the new version (2.3.2).
Read the full release notes.

Cynthia Bennett

Cynthia is the Head of Customer Experience for MemberMouse.

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