Advanced Content Protection

In certain situations you may require more fine-grained control over when and who should be able to access content. In these situations MemberMouse provides a couple of advanced tools in addition to basic content protection.

Access_Decision SmartTag™

This tag is used to show or hide content based on the currently logged in member's access rights to a particular page/post. MemberMouse's default content protection scheme is to hard-block pages that are protected.

This means that if a non-member tries to view a protected page, they'll be redirected to an error page. Access_Decision SmartTags™ provide you with an opportunity to expose portions of protected content based on the visitor's access rights. Within a single page, you could have teaser content for non-members and protected content for paying members. By using the Access_Decision SmartTag™ with different access types you can tailor the visitor's experience on the page.

Learn more about the Access_Decision SmartTag™.

MemberMouse WordPress Filters

You can use filters to instruct MemberMouse whether content access should be granted based on your own custom rules.

Learn more about WordPress filters.

PHP Interface & WordPress Templates

If you need ultimate control you can use our PHP interface in custom WordPress templates or in your theme files.

Learn more about the PHP interface.

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