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Protect Content in RSS Feeds, Search Results and Archives

MemberMouse provides two easy methods to protect specific pages and posts within WordPress. First would be the standard Grant Access function and the other is with Access Decision SmartTags™.

Once a page or post is protected using Grant Access, MemberMouse will ensure that this content is protected in RSS feeds, search results and archive listings by displaying the message This content is for members only.

Sometimes you will want to provide a more descriptive message when content is not accessible by the current user, and this is made possible by using Access Decision SmartTags™.

Access Decision SmartTags™ are not only more user-friendly and informative, but it can also be an opportunity to get the user excited about upgrading and will benefit your SEO efforts since search engines will be able to index this content.

MemberMouse provides two methods for you to be able to display your content in the above method:

  • MemberMouse's Content Protection SmartTags™
  • The WordPress <!--more--> tag.
MemberMouse's Access Decision SmartTags™

When you use MemberMouse's Access Decision SmartTags™ you get many benefits including improved messaging in RSS feeds, search results and archive listings. Using these tags can not only show strategic pre-sale messages to users who do not have access, but you can also show custom messaging to users who have upcoming access (i.e. based on their drip content schedule they do not have access now but will at some point in the future).

Another benefit you get is that when a user who does not currently have access clicks to view the content, they will be taken to the page and see your targeted messaging based on their access rights as opposed to just being redirected to an error page. This gives you an opportunity to sell them on becoming a member.

Here is a simple example:

[MM_Access_Decision access='true'] Here's your protected content! [/MM_Access_Decision] 

[MM_Access_Decision access='future'] You will get access to this soon... [/MM_Access_Decision] 

[MM_Access_Decision access='false'] You do not have access to this content until you upgrade to our Gold Level Package. [/MM_Access_Decision]

The result of using the above SmartTags™ will display as follows on your site:

  • Members who currently have access to the content will see: Here's your protected content!

  • Members who will have access to the content in the future will see: You will get access to this soon…

  • Visitors who don't have access to the content will see: You don't have access to this content until you upgrade to our Gold Level Package.

Voila! You now have complete control over what your members and visitors see in RSS feeds, archive listings and most importantly, search results.

WordPress <!–more–> Tag

An additional simple method to accomplish these improved display methods is to use the WordPress <!--more--> tag. When using the <!–more–> tag in a page or post, any content below the tag won't be displayed in RSS feeds, search results or archive listings. The <!–more–> tag doesn't affect how the content is displayed when the page is accessed directly.

You can either type in the <!--more--> tag above your protected content, or just click the more button in the WordPress editor.

The excerpt and the <!--more--> tag should go at the top of the post followed by the protected content. Now when the post is displayed in an RSS feed, search results or archive listings it will be displayed as follows:

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