Delivering Member Specific Content

There may be times that you need to deliver specific content unique to each member.  MemberMouse has a couple of different options for accomplishing this. The type of member-specific content, whether a simple piece of text or a file, may determine which delivery method you will want to use.

Member-Specific Data

You can display simple text related to a specific member using custom fields.

Just create a custom field and then populate that custom field as needed for each member (i.e. for a license code).  When creating the custom field you can select the option to include the custom field and data on the My Account Core Page

If you use this method to display the custom field, the member will be able to update the information in the field. If you don't want the user to be able to edit the field, you can also display the data on the My Account Page or another MemberMouse page using the method below:

Choose the page you want to display the custom field data on. Then use the Member_Data SmartTag to output the custom field content specific to the logged in member on the page as follows:

[MM_Member_Data name='customField_#']

Make sure to replace the # with the actual ID of the custom field to output data for.  You can locate the ID by hovering over the name of the custom field in MemberMouse > Developer Tools > Custom Fields.

Member-Specific Files

For downloadable files you can use a file naming convention for files related to the member. For example, say you want to have a PDF document specific to a member, you could create a folder on your server called member-content/ and then within that folder have files such as week1-report-2.pdf, week1-report-5.pdf, week1-report-6.pdf, etc., where the final number is the member ID.

Then on the page you have chosen for the file download, you would create the link as follows:

<a href="http://yourdomain.com/member-content/week1-report-[MM_Member_Data name='id'].pdf">Download Your Report</a>

When this code is processed by MemberMouse, the SmartTag™ will be replaced with the current member's ID. For example, a member with the ID 14588, would have the following link displayed:

<a href="http://yourdomain.com/member-content/week1-report-14588.pdf">Download Your Report</a>

As a result, dynamic download links will be created for member-specific files.

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