Protect Content in Bulk

Available from MM 2.4.1+

By extending the built-in WordPress functionality for bulk management of posts, MemberMouse makes it easy for you to protect WordPress posts and pages in bulk.

NOTE: Custom post types will not currently support this feature, but can still be protected on a per post basis as before.  For more information, see our Protect Custom Post Types article.

Choosing Articles to Protect

To set content protection in bulk, start by displaying the list of all pages or posts, and select the items that you want to protect. Items may be selected by placing a checkmark in the checkbox in the leftmost column, or you may use the Select All checkboxes to select all items.

Next, just above the checkbox column, open the Bulk Actions drop-down, choose Manage Access, and click Apply:

This will open the bulk edit control for access rights. You can review the list of content to be protected using the list on the left side of the control, and any unwanted articles may be removed from the list by clicking the  ‘X' icon next to the name.

Adding Access Rights

You may now select the access rights that will be added for the selected content. If you wish, you may add and remove access rights in a single step, but you must first select the rights to be added, before selecting the rights to be removed.

You may repeat the following steps as many times as necessary to add all the desired access rights:

  1. Select whether the access to be applied is a membership level or a bundle

  2. Select the membership or bundle to be added

  3. Specify when the member should be able to access the content
    • By default, content unlocks on Day 0, which is immediately after access is purchased
    • Note that since the count starts at zero, you would enter 9 , for example, for “the tenth day of membership”

  4. Click Add Access Rights

As you select access rights to be added, they will be displayed underneath the selector. If any rights were selected inadvertently, you may click the ‘red trashcan' icon to remove the item from the list.

When you are satisfied with the list of access rights to be added, you may either proceed to removing access in bulk, or click Update to commit your changes.

Removing Access Rights

You may also select access rights to be removed from all selected pieces of content. Note that if you wish to add and remove access in a single step, access to be added should be selected before access to be removed. To begin, click Remove Access at the top of the bulk edit control:

This list will contain every membership level or bundle protecting one or more pieces of selected content. To remove access rights from all the selected content, mark the desired checkboxes, and then click Update to commit your changes.

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