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Auditing Member Activity Using the Activity Log

The Activity Log provides a more standard and centralized way for your site to record and report important events that happen on your site.

The Activity Log, which displays events for all members, can be accessed from the Logs menu. If you would like to see the Activity Log for an individual member, this can be accessed by clicking that member's email to access their Member Details area.

Overall, the MemberMouse Activity Log shows the specific “Type” of event, the page title/link that they were on (if applicable), the IP address associated with that event, the date that the event occurred, and specific information related to each event.

Using the Activity Log, you can also refine your search by specific filters, such as the Event TypeMember ID, and/or Date Range, allowing for a more streamlined audit of information whenever you need to find out specific information quickly.

For easier sorting and auditing, the Activity Log categorizes all this information into 6 different “Types” of events, which are outlined in greater detail in the following section.

Note: The Activity Log can get quite large over time. The more traffic you have, the more quickly it will grow. Consider using the Activity Log cleanup tool to automatically remove log entries older than a certain number of days. Read this article to learn more about configuring Activity Log cleanup.

Event Types Explained
Access RightsThe Access Rights Event Types will be noted by either the blue person icon for membership level access, or the orange box for bundle related access.

This Event Type will include results showing different events related specifically to your users access rights. Actions that trigger this “Event Type” include: account creation, account cancellation, and any status changes that effect the access rights, such as adding a bundle or a user being moved to the “canceled” status.
Affiliate TrackingAffiliate Tracking Events are noted by an orange megaphone icon.

The details from this Event Type include any information pertaining to any commissions requests, including initial commissions, rebill commissions, or terminated commissions.

Clicking on the blue information or ‘i' icon shown in the “Details” section, will provide even further and more specific details related to that exact affiliate event. Along with the extended details, this event records the members email and the date it was initiated.
BillingBilling Event Types are noted with the green money icon if they are successful billing events, and with a red money icon if they are failed billing events or refunds.

Details shown in this event type will cover anything related to billing a customer. Along with the Order Number being listed next to each of these Billing events, you will also be able to see what type of trigger caused this event to log.

Under the “Details” section of the results, you can easily see whether this was an initial billing event, rebilling event, PayPal billing event, or subscription cancellation event. If any commissions are tied to this event, then it will be noted with the orange megaphone icon at the end of the description.

Along with this information, you can also see the user email tied to the billing event, along with the IP address and the date.
EmailThe Email Event Type shows the green paper airplane icon next to all email related events.

These events will include all emails that are triggered by MemberMouse, such as Welcome Emails, Push Notification emails, any push notifications setup to send a an email to Zapier or to trigger a custom script, and any other emails that are initiated using MemberMouse.

The user's email, the actual email that was sent out, and the date are all recorded in these events.
LoginThe orange key icon represents the Login Event Type.

Login events are recorded each time a user logs into your site. The email, specific IP, and date are all logged when a user logs in.
Page AccessPage Access Events are represented with a light blue page icon.

Each time a user accesses a page on your site, the following gets logged: The user email, the page they accessed and any affiliate ID's tied to the link, the IP used to access the page, and the date it was accessed.
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