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Can I use my existing CRM solution with MemberMouse?

MemberMouse has many of the same features as CRM software.  When checkouts are processed, customer information is stored in the Manage Members section of the MemberMouse dashboard.  There is an advanced member search feature, and MemberMouse gives you the ability to Create Custom Fields that can be added to the checkout form or used as backend customer note or descriptor fields.  You can also use one of several Email Integrations, linking your customer base to a new or existing email campaign setup; and MemberMouse has a Reporting Suite with useful metrics including Lifetime Customer Value, and customizable reporting periods.

MemberMouse uses logged in status and member account information as the base of its content protection.  So if you do have an existing CRM that you would like to use alongside MemberMouse, you will need to script a connection to MemberMouse from your CRM.  MemberMouse Support is not able to consult on or assist with creating custom scripts, but your developer can use the MemberMouse API to create, update, and delete members inside MemberMouse when changes are made inside your CRM.  For the full list of available calls and API information, see our API Documentation

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