Manage Members Overview

The manage members page is a clear overview of all of your members and their accounts. You can use the advanced search option or organize your members list according to the column headers.

Managing Members

In the MemberMouse menu go to Manage Members

The screen shot below is an example of what the manage members page will look like.

Here you will see all of your members, their email, name, phone number, date they registered along with the membership levels and bundles associated with their accounts. The engagement column will visually show you how your members are interacting with your site and where they in the member status lifecycle.

The managing members page is the place to createeditdeleteimport and search for members. Consult the Managing Members Options table below to learn more.

Note: Click on any column header to sort your members alphabetically or numerically according to the header.

Managing Members Options
Name Here are the names of all of your members.
EmailThe emails of all of your members. Most often your members will use their email as their username in order to log in. 

Note:  Click the email to be shown member details.
Phone The phone numbers for all of your members.
Membership Level This column shows the membership level that each member has signed up for.
BundlesIf your members have purchased any bundles they will be listed under this column.
RegisteredThis column shows the date when a customer first signed up to become a member.
Status ChangedThis column shows the date when a customer's current status was changed. This column will only show up when the Status Changed Date is selected from the Search By drop down in the search criteria.
EngagementThese icons indicate the interaction the member has with their membership. These icons will begin to show up as soon as a member's account has been activated.  

Last login date – Hover your cursor over the ‘purple calendar' icon to see the date and time the member lasted logged into the site. 

Login amount – The ‘yellow key' icon shows you the number of times a member has logged into their account. 

Pages accessed – The ‘blue page' icon shows you the number of pages that the member has accessed so far.
StatusThese icons indicate the status of the membership for each member.

(1) Active – The member has an active account and the member can access all protected content associated with their membership level.

(2) Canceled – The member's account is canceled and the member cannot access any protected content associated with their membership level.

(3) Locked – The member's account is locked and the member cannot access any protected content associated with their membership level.

(4) Paused –  Paused is similar to canceling an account, but when an account is paused, the member can still access all protected content up to the point of cancellation. If your membership site has a drip content schedule, paused members will not get access to content that becomes available after their account is paused.

(5) Overdue – A member's account becomes overdue when their payment cannot be processed, for example, because of a declined or expired credit card.

(6) Pending Activation – When a new member submits a checkout form their account will automatically be created with a status of pending activation. The account will remain in this status until the account has been verified (usually via a payment going through successfully) at which point the account status will be switched to active. When an account is pending activation, a member cannot login to the membership site.

(7) Error – When a credit card is declined during attempted first purchase or there is another issue with an initial sale, the account will be in error status.

(8) Expired – This is only applicable if a membership has been given an expiration date. When a membership level expires, the member will will no longer be able to log in and access any content.

(9 – Red clock) Pending Cancellation – When a member who has an active subscription requests to cancel it or pause it, their account will be placed into pending cancellation status. Accounts in pending cancellation status will have all the same privileges as an active account.

Pending cancellation accounts will automatically cancel or pause when the cancellation date arrives. The cancellation date is determined at the time the account is requested to be canceled and depends on where they are in their subscription.

For example, if their subscription rebills monthly and they cancel halfway through the month, their cancellation date will be set for approximately 15 days in the future. If their subscription rebills annually and they cancel 3 months in, their cancellation date will be set for approximately 9 months in the future.
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