Change a Member’s Account Status

  1. In the MemberMouse menu go to Manage Members and click on a member's email. This will direct you to the Member Details page for that member.

  2. Next, click on the Access Rights tab.

  3. Here you can PauseCancel or manually Lock an account, or Unlock an account that has been automatically locked due to violation of account sharing protection.

  • To manually lock an account, click the Lock Account button and a member will not be able to log in; however, their billing will not be effected.

  • To unlock an account, click the Unlock Account button.

  • To cancel a member's membership,  click the Cancel Membership button and the member will not longer be able to log in.

  • To pause a member's membership, click the Pause Membership button and the member can access all of the content up to the point that their membership was paused.

  • After you cancel or pause a membership, you will have the option to re-activate the account at any time by clicking the Activate Membership button. When you Activate a Membership, a dialog box will pop up with Payment Options for completing the membership change.

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