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Change When a Member’s Bundle is Canceled

Canceling a bundle will cancel any related subscription for that bundle but will not cancel the member's account. When a bundle on a member's account is canceled, they'll be able to log in, but they won't be able to access any content that's protected by the canceled bundle. If the bundle did not have any subscription payments, then the member's bundle will move to a canceled state immediately.

However, if the bundle that was canceled was a subscription, then the cancellation date is determined at the time the account is requested to be canceled and depends on where they are in their subscription.

For example, if their subscription rebills monthly and they cancel halfway through the month, their cancellation date will be set for approximately 15 days in the future. If their subscription rebills annually and they cancel 3 months in, their cancellation date will be set for approximately 9 months in the future. In this situation, the member's bundle will enter a Pending Cancellation status. Please read this article to learn more about different Member Statuses.

Note: A member can cancel their own bundles from the My Account page in the Subscriptions section.

How to manually cancel a member's bundle
  1. Go to MemberMouse > Manage Members and find the member you want to change the expiration date for. Click on this member's email address or the edit icon on the right in order to view the details for that member.

  2. Click on the Access Rights tab.

  3. Find the bundle you want to cancel for in the Bundles section and click the cancel icon :

  4. Click ok when the popup prompts you to confirm:

  5. You will see that the bundle now shows up either as Canceled or as Pending Cancellation. If it is Pending Cancellation, you will see the date that the bundle will be full canceled as well.

  6. If you need to adjust that date, click the edit icon next to the bundle:

  7. Click on the date field and navigate to the new expiration date in the calendar that pops up:

  8. Click the Save button to save your changes. After changing a bundle's expiration date, the bundle status will immediately reflect whether or not it's expired based on the new date.
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