Configuring iContact

Authorize MemberMouse in iContact
  1. Log into your iContact through this link and you should be directed to a page that looks like this:

  2. Paste the MemberMouse Application ID below into the Application ID field in iContact.

    MemberMouse Application ID: 3Nnuk4Mt6sFTbDzzRQe6piN6S9qq2TLW

  3. Enter a password into the Create Password field that is different than your iContact log in password.

  4. Click the Save button.
Integrate iContact with MemberMouse
  1. In the MemberMouse menu, click Email Settings and then click on the Email Integrations tab.

  2. Choose iContact from the Select Provider dropdown menu.

  3. After you have selected iContact, enter your iContact Username, along with the Password you just created in the previous step.

  4. Click Configure to submit your settings.

  5. Next, you need to select the Client Folder.

    Depending on the type of account you have with iContact, this dropdown will contain a single item entitled Default Folder or will contain a list of client folders from your iContact account. Select the appropriate client folder.

  6. Click Configure to save your settings.
Map Membership Levels and Bundles to Mailing Lists

Now, you are ready to move onto the next part of email integration where you'll map membership levels and bundles to mailing lists.

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