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Import Existing Members Into a Mailing List

Members who signed up before you integrated with an email service provider or mapped your mailing lists to membership levels or bundles will not be automatically added to your mailing lists. For these members, you'll need to manually export them from MemberMouse and import them into your email service provider.

You may want to import these members to legacy lists.  

Since they were added to the list outside of MemberMouse, they will need to be removed manually after cancellations or membership level changes.  This process will only have to be done once per list, and after that the mailing list management for new members will be handled automatically by MemberMouse.

How to import members into a mailing list on your email service provider
  1. For mailing lists mapped to a membership level, click the ‘blue download' icon next to the membership level you wish to export the existing list of members for.

    For mailing lists mapped to a bundle, click the ‘green download' or ‘red download' icon next to the bundle you wish to export the existing list of members for.

    Use the ‘green download' icon to export members who have the bundle currently active on their account and the ‘red download' icon to export members where the bundle is canceled or paused on their account.

  2. Your browser will prompt you to download the export file. This will be a .csv file that contains basic member information (i.e. first name, last name, email) for members that are signed up for that membership level and whose account is active. Save this file in a location on your computer you can easily access later.

  3. Next, click on your email of service provider below. This will take you to instructions on how to import these members into a mailing list.

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