Create a 2-Step Checkout Process

You can achieve the 2-step checkout process using the MemberMouse functionality. Keep in mind, the details for each step can vary according to each unique setup, but here is a basic way to do it:

1. Sign customers up for a “free membership” using one of two signup forms. These forms will only ask the customer for basic info, like name, email and password. For use on your MemberMouse site, use the Free Membership Signup Form. For use on another site, use the Free Member Webform.

2. Create a custom (free membership) confirmation page that the customer will be directed to after they fill out the form in Step One. On this confirmation page you will import the checkout template.  Then use the tools found in the MemberMouse Options box to assign the ‘free membership' to that page. These steps are further explained in the Create Product-Specific Confirmation Page article.

3. (optional) You can specify the product, bundle or membership level that should be purchased on the checkout page in the Checkout Form SmartTag.

For example, 

[MM_Form type='checkout' productId='20']

If you choose not to do this, then the checkout will be set to purchase the default product or membership level.

4. To determine what should be purchased on the Checkout, follow the steps in Create a Custom Checkout Page

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