Customize Error Messages on the Checkout Page

Note: This solution requires basic programming skills

If you're using the MM_Form_Message type='error' SmartTag on your checkout page, this SmartTag™ is responsible for outputting any error messages that come from MemberMouse. The exact error message that should be displayed is passed to the checkout page via the URL querystring in the ‘message' parameter:

Since the error message is passed through the querystring it's stored in the PHP ‘$_GET' array and can be accessed in PHP as follows: ‘$_GET[‘message']'.

If you are technically inclined, you can write code to detect particular messages coming from MemberMouse and then if you'd like to change them you can set the new message in the ‘$_GET' array.

$_GET['message'] = "This is my custom error message";

You'll just need to make sure you do this early enough in the page execution such that it happens before the MemberMouse MM_Form_Message type='error' SmartTag attempts to display the message on the screen.

In order to get a head start on this process, we have included this Sample Script for you as mentioned above.

Below is a list of some of the possible error messages MemberMouse may present.

Note: This is only a partial list as an example of messages your users may see:

messageInvalid username or password.
messageYour card number is incorrect.
messageThis product can only be purchased once. To gain the same access, please purchase the alternate product shown below.
messageInvalid captcha entry
messageYou don't have permission to place an order for another user
messageCannot complete order. Membership level ID is not valid.
messageCannot complete order. Membership level is not active.
messagePayment Service is not configured for this site.
messageNo onsite or off site payment methods are configured for this site
messageYou must be logged into your account in order to succesfully checkout
messageYou don't have sufficient permissions to place an order for another user.
messageAn account with that email already exists.
messageCannot complete order. Product is not available.
messageYou must be logged in to purchase a gift.
messageError creating free account.
messagePayment for order number was successful but there was an error granting access to your content
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