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In rare cases you may need to delete a member, for example, if you have been creating member accounts during payment testing. By deleting a member's account, you are wiping the system of all of their information. This article describes how to delete members one-by-one. Read this article if you need to bulk delete members.

Please note: When you delete a member from MemberMouse, any content in WordPress associated with their account will also be deleted, including transaction data, unless you have your WordPress install configured not to function this way.


In order to delete a member, that member cannot have an active subscription associated with their membership level or any bundles applied to their account.

How to Delete a Member
  1. In the MemberMouse menugo to Manage Members. 

  2. Locate the members in the manage member grid  that you would like to delete.

    You may delete an account as long as the account is not active or locked. This means, the member's account must be either paused, canceled, pending cancellation or pending activation.

  3. Click the ‘red trashcan' icon and you will be prompted to confirm the deletion. If the icon is grayed out it means that the member account cannot be deleted. See the Restrictions section above for more information.

    Note:  You may also delete a member by clicking on their email. You will be directed to the member details page. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Delete Member button and you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.
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