Email a Purchase Link to a Member

Email a Purchase Link to new or existing members to streamline the purchasing process for a specific product, bundle or membership level. The purchase link will automatically log customers into your site and bring them to a pre-populated checkout form.

You can find the purchase link in the Payment Options dialog box that will pop up anytime you are performing an action that requires payment, such as, creating a new member for a paid membership level, changing a current member's paid membership level or applying a new bundle to their account.

  1. (If you are creating a new member, then skip steps #1 & #2) Go to the Manage Members menu and search to find the member you need to send a purchase link to. Click on that member's email address to go to the Member Details interface.

  2. Once in the Member Details, click on the Access Rights tab. Select the Membership Level or Bundle that the member needs to purchase.

  3. The Payment Options dialog box will appear. In the Payment Options dialog box, you will need to select a Product to Purchase from the drop down menu. If there is more than one, these products contain different billing details necessary for charging the customer. Select the appropriate product.

  4. Next, the product's billing description will appear and you can make sure that you have selected the correct product.

  5. (Optional) Add names of affiliates that might be linked with this sale.

  6. Then, click the button Email Checkout Link to Customer and an email will open up in your default email client.

  7. The email will be addressed to the member and contain a purchase link. This link provides MemberMouse and your payment service with the correct pricing information for the product being purchased. You may choose to change the text that is displayed for the link. Just do not alter the link itself.

    When customers click on a purchase link, they will be automatically logged in and directed to the checkout page to complete their order. Note:  The checkout form will be pre-populated with the customer's information that is stored in MemberMouse.

  8. When the purchase is complete, you will see the changes reflected at the top of the member's details page.
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