Employee Accounts Overview

What is an Employee Account?

Employee accounts are used to grant access to additional members of your team. Once the account has been created, employees can login using their email address and the password associated with the account. Employees are assigned to roles that determine their access rights to WordPress and MemberMouse.

Managing Employees

In the MemberMouse menu go to General Settings, and then click on the Employee tab.

The screen shot below is an example of what the employee accounts tab will look like.

Here you will see all of the employee accounts you have created, the email address for each, the name of the person behind each account, and their role. The employee accounts tab is where you will create and delete all employee accounts as well as edit existing ones. Consult the Employee Options table below to learn more.

Employee Options
This indicates a default employee account.

The default employee email address is used when MemberMouse generates an email to a customer. For example, the welcome email or forgot password email templates.

Click on the flag next to an employee account you would like to be the default. After you click the flag, you will be prompted to confirm this change.
Display NameThis is the name that will show up when a member receives an email from MemberMouse.
Real NameThis column displays the first and/or last name of the employee associated with this account.
EmailThe default email will be shown when a member receives an email that is generated by MemberMouse. Each employee will use this email as their username to login.
PhoneThis column will show the phone numbers of employees if they are recorded.
RoleThe Administrator role will have the same permissions as a standard WordPress administrator. Essentially, they will be able to access the entire site through WordPress including all of MemberMouse's features.

Employees with the Support or Sales role will be able to access the Manage Members menu, Browse Transactions and Logs in MemberMouse.

Employees with Product Manager role will only have access to the MemberMouse product setting and member management pages. This role is designed for someone who needs to edit product and member settings, but should not have access to the full reporting suite.

Employees with Analyst role will only have access to view MemberMouse reports, and not have access to any member details.

PRO PLAN +  Support or Sales employees with a lock icon next to the name of the role will only have access to view the member details of specific membership levels. The specific membership level can be adjusted when you create or edit the employee account.
ActionsThe icons under this column allow you to edit or delete employees.

Edit – To learn more about editing an employee account, go to this article.

Delete – Click on the ‘red trashcan' icon to an employee. Note:  If the icon appears grey, then you are logged in under that account and it cannot be deleted. You cannot delete an account you are currently logged into.
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