Create an Employee Account

  1. In the MemberMouse menu, go to General Settings, and then click on the Employees tab.

  2. Next, click the Create Employee button. Note: after creating an employee account you may edit the settings at any time by clicking the pencil icon .

  3. A dialog box will pop up containing all of the options available for configuring an employee account. To learn more about each option, consult the table below.

  4. After configuring an employee, click the Save Employee button to save your settings.
Employee Level Options
Display Name*This is a required field. This will show up as the recipient when MemberMouse generates an email to one of your members.
Email*This is a required field. The email of the default account will be visible to members who receive emails generated by MemberMouse. The email is also uses as a username for each employee to login.
Password*This is a required field. Each employee will need to create a password in order to log in. It can include any alphanumeric characters.
Real Name Enter in the real name of the employee, first and/or last name.
Phone NumberEnter in the phone number of each employee to store for internal records.
Additional PermissionsIndicate which of the following additional permissions this employee should have:

Check this box to allow the employee to export data on the manage members and browse transactions screens.
Note: This option is only available for Sales, Support and Product Manager roles.
Access Restriction

PRO PLAN + By selecting one or more membership levels below you're indicating that the employee should only be able to manage members with one of those membership levels. When no membership levels are selected this indicates that the employee should be able to manage all members.
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