Delete an Employee Account

To delete an employee account in MemberMouse, follow these steps:

  1. In the MemberMouse menu, go to General Settings, and click the Employees tab.

  2. Under the Actions column, the delete icon will be displayed in red or grey.

  3. If the delete icon is red, click the icon in the row of the employee you would like to delete. If the delete icon is grey, that means you cannot delete the employee at that time.  

Employees cannot be deleted if any of the following exist:

  • If you are logged into that account. Accounts cannot be deleted while you are logged into them.

  • If the employee is being used as the ‘from' address on any of your current membership level welcome emails, including the free membership level that is created by default when the plugin is installed. Learn more about how to edit welcome emails.

  • If the employee is being used on any Push Notifications as the ‘to' or ‘from' email, including the default overdue payment notification that is created when the plugin is installed. Learn more about how to edit push notifications.

  • If the employee is the default employee on the site, designated by the orange flag in the far left column.

Once you confirm none of the above exist, the grey icon will become red and you can delete the employee.

Note: Once you have created an employee, you cannot edit the user information. If you need to edit the email address, you will need to create a new employee using the new email and swap that employee for the old one in the areas you would like to change.

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