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Refer-a-Friend Campaign Options

Refer-a-friend campaigns help websites gain trust since the people referring your product, have already tested the product or service before referring them to their friends. This makes a refer-a-friend campaign one of the most effective strategies for gaining trusting customers.

Below we have outlined two different ways to setup a refer-a-friend campaign using the tools available to you in MemberMouse. 

Option 1: Member Gifting

In this campaign, the member sharing the gift does not get rewarded at all, but the referred friend or the new member who receives the gift that gets all the benefits. Gifting is a feature that will allow your site's members to purchase memberships and bundles, then distribute them to whomever they please. This approach is built-in to MemberMouse and requires no further tools to setup.

The following approach is outlined to provide a setup that allows your current members to purchase a gift for a friend or family member that expires in 30 days. After 30 days, the user is sent an email with an option to take over the payments and continue their membership, or let the gift membership expire. 

Here are the steps to get this accomplished:

  1. Create a Product that is the same price as your current membership product option, or discounted since it's a gift, but set it up as a one-time purchase instead of any subscription settings you may have had on the original product.
  2. Create a Membership Level that is setup to expire in 30 days, and make sure to link it to the product created in the previous step. 
  3. Setup a Push Notification that is set to trigger when a “Member Status Changed” > “Membership level created in step 2” > “Expired” Status type. This push notification should include a Signup/Purchase Link along with a message that lets them know they need to use this link to continue receiving access to your site, and if they do not click that link their account will remain in “Expired” status. 
  4. Provide the Gift Purchase Link to your current members so they can purchase the gift for friends or family

You can see an example of this process, and learn more about the gifting feature in MemberMouse here: MemberMouse Gifting Functionality.

PLEASE NOTE: The member who purchases the gift product will pay for the recipients access rights. That is why we recommend the above approach to make sure the recipient can take over payments after seeing the product in action first hand.

Option 2: Give $20 Get $20

If you would like to offer a reward to your referring member as well as your potential new members, the Give $20 Get $20 approach would help you achieve this. This approach will require that you integrate with an affiliate provider such as the iDevAffiliate integration that MemberMouse offers. 

The following outline will help you get the parts in place to create a system that automatically creates affiliate accounts for all of your new members, and allows them to receive $20 after sharing your product that is discounted $20 from your normal product price, after a successful purchase has been received from the new member. 

Here are the steps to accomplish this setup:

  1. Create a Product that is $20 cheaper than your current asking price.
  2. If you have not already, Create an account with iDevAffiliate. (any account level will work)
  3. if you have not already, Configure iDev to communicate to your MemberMouse site.
  4. Instruct MemberMouse to Automatically Create an Affiliate Account for New Members when they sign up.
  5. Setup a $20 Product Specific Commission for the product created in step 1 within your iDev dashboard commission settings.
  6. Create an Affiliate Tracking Link for this new product Purchase Link. This will allow your new affiliates to be credited with any purchases made within 30 days after someone clicks on their link.
  7. Send an Email to the new affiliate containing their affiliate account information, along with a message to encourage them to get $20 after sharing their personal affiliate tracking link.
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