Send a Payment Receipt to Customers

Detailed below is the native method to send an email-only receipt to your customers. 

As of MM2.4.0+ (released January 2021), you can also utilize the MemberMouse PDF Receipts plugin. This is a free add-on that offers support for automatically sending an email receipt with the receipt attached as a PDF. It also includes the potential to add custom member billing details to the receipt, send to an additional cc'd recipient, and resend receipts. You can download the plugin here and find the documentation here.

MemberMouse can easily be set to automatically send a receipt of purchase after any purchase to your members using our push notification system. Read this article to learn more about using push notifications.

How to configure MemberMouse to automatically email payment receipts
  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, go to MemberMouse > Developer Tools > Push Notifications tab.

  2. Click Create a Push Notification and a dialog will pop up that will display with the Push Notification configuration.

  3. Make sure the Status is set to Active, then adjust the When the following event occurs.. drop down to Payment Received.

  4. Adjust the Perform the following action… drop down to Send an Email.

  5. Select Current Member in the To section so the email goes to the new customer.

    At this point, we have configured MemberMouse to automatically send an email to the member when a successful payment has been made. Next we will configure who the email is sent from and any additional recipients.

  6. Choose who the email is sent from by selecting an employee from the drop down next to the From label. This drop down contains all of the employee accounts currently created in the MemberMouse system. Read this article to learn more about Employee Accounts.

  7. If you would like additional recipients to be notified, you can add them in the CC row by adding the email addresses with commas separating multiple email addresses.

    At this point we have configured the notification should be triggered when a member purchases a product and that when this happens an email should be sent out to the member. Now we need to specify the contents of the email.

  8. Fill out the Subject and Body of the payment receipt notification email as desired. You can use the Order Receipt template as a starting point. To use this template, click the Order Receipt  link next to Insert Template.

  9. Click the  button and now you will see the new Push Notification listed.

    Verify the status is green and use the icons to the right to edit, remove and test your new configuration.

    Now when a member makes a purchase, they will automatically receive the payment receipt that you have just configured.
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