UserVoice SSO Extension


The UserVoice extension integrates MemberMouse with UserVoice's single sign-on functionality allowing your members to log into your UserVoice site with the same credentials they use to log into your site.

Note: The UserVoice extension is only available on Pro Plans and above, and requires the mcrypt PHP extension to be installed. If you are not sure if your server has mcrypt installed, please check with your hosting provider.

Follow the steps below to use the UserVoice extension:
  1. In the MemberMouse menu, click on General Settings.

  2. Next, click on the Extensions tab and from the following page, click on the UserVoice logo.

  3. Check the box to enable the UserVoice extension.

  4. Enter in your UserVoice subdomain. For example, if you access your UserVoice site by going to http://mysite.uservoice.com then you would enter ‘mysite' into this field.

  5. Next, you'll need to enter in your UserVoice single sign-on (SSO) key. To retrieve your SSO key you'll need to change your authentication method in UserVoice to SSO. Log into your UserVoice admin console and go to Settings > Web Portal.

  6. Click on the Edit… link next to User Authentication.

  7. Under Sign-In Method select Single Sign-On (SSO).

  8. In the SSO Remote Sign-In URL and SSO Remote Sign-Out URL field, enter in the URL for your MemberMouse login core page and MemberMouse logout core page respectively. These URLs are displayed on the UserVoice extension page in MemberMouse for your convenience.

  9. Copy the SSO key and click the Save authentication settings button.

  10. Go back to the UserVoice extension page and paste the SSO key into the SSO Key field.

  11. Optionally, you can enter a test IP address. By entering a test IP address you're instructing the plugin to only allow a user with that IP address to use the single sign-on functionality. This is useful while your testing the process.

  12. Click the Save configuration button.

Testing Your Configuration

Once you've enabled the UserVoice extension you'll see a section titled Testing Your Configuration on the UserVoice extension page. To test your configuration just click the Run Test button. Prior to clicking the button, ensure that you're logged out of your UserVoice site. After running the test, the result should be that your UserVoice site was opened up in a new window in your browser and you're logged in as a user with the name Test User.

Once you've enabled the UserVoice extension you'll be able to use a special SmartTag™ to create single sign-on links for your UserVoice site. To create a single-sign on link do the following:

<a href="[MM_UserVoice_Link]">Support Center</a>

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