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Streamlined Operations: Managing Your Members

The last thing you want is for your membership platform to create more work for you. MemberMouse is designed to make managing day-to-day tasks like issuing refunds, canceling member access, and managing overdue payments as frictionless as possible. We’re committed to making your life as easy as possible so you can keep your members happy and grow your business.

Action Items

Issue a Refund

Is a member asking for a refund? We get it, it happens. With MemberMouse you can issue a refund with two clicks of the mouse.

Cancel a Member’s Access

MemberMouse automatically manages member account cancellation. However, you are in total control and can manually determine the access rights for each one of your members.

Change a Member’s Access

Want to change someone’s membership level? Or have you ever wanted to give someone a membership for free? You can do all these things and more with MemberMouse’s powerful Access Rights utility.

Change the Rebill Date on a Subscription (Pro plan and above)

MemberMouse gives you the power to edit the rebill dates of your members. We’ve outlined the process in 3 easy steps.

Managing Overdue Payments

If not managed correctly, overdue payments can be a constant thorn in the side of your membership business. That’s why we built MemberMouse to automatically handle this process for you and ensure that only those members who keep up with their payments will get access to your protected content.

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Deep Dive

Master Member Management
Duration: 5m 45s

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