Automated Overdue Payment Handling

One of the most challenging aspects of running a continuity business is discovering and dealing with overdue payments. Thankfully MemberMouse can handle this process for you and ensure that only those members who keep up with their payments will get access to your protected content.

NOTE: With payment services that don't support card-on-file functionality (i.e. PayPal, Authorize.net), MemberMouse has no control over the recurring billing process and does not automatically handle overdue payments. Each payment processor handles overdue payments differently. The access for the associated accounts in MemberMouse will only get updated once the payment information is updated in PayPal or Authorize.net either by a successful rebilling or after a number of failed attempts.You can learn more about this by reading about How MemberMouse Handles Recurring Billing.

Here's how it works:

  1. Depending on the payment method you've integrated with, when a rebill payment fails MemberMouse will be notified. When this happens MemberMouse will put the member's access rights into overdue status which means that they will not be able to access any of the content that's protected by the membership level or bundle that they missed a payment on, unless otherwise configured as noted here: Configure Overdue Access Rights.

  2. Then the member will automatically be sent an overdue payment notification. A default notification email is setup when MemberMouse is installed, but it's completely customizable and can be modified to suit your needs. An important component of this email is informing the member that they can update their billing information right from their My Account page.

  3. After the member has updated their billing information and they've been billed for the missed payment, their access rights will automatically be reactivated and as a result they'll be able to access all of the protected content again.

  4. Depending on the payment method you've integrated with, MemberMouse will automatically attempt to rebill the customer a total of 3 times while in overdue status. The first attempt will occur 2 days after the initial attempt. The second attempt will occur 5 days after the initial attempt. The third attempt will occur 7 days after the initial attempt. If the final rebill attempt fails, MemberMouse will automatically cancel the member's access rights, and they will have to purchase the subscription option again in order to regain access.

    (MM 3.0+) This is the default schedule and number of attempts. However, as of MemberMouse 3.0 it is possible to customize the overdue rebill payment attempts schedule. Please refer to our article in Tips and Tricks for more information on how to accomplish this.
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