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Would MemberMouse work for my non-profit needs?

I read the following email exchange between a prospective customer and one of our Product Specialists and thought,
“I am so proud of my team.”

I'm so proud that the Customer Success Team at MemberMouse is composed of knowledgeable, committed and empathetic people who feel empowered to truly support each individual and business they communicate with. It's really a great source of pride that I get to work in the type of environment where this type of frank exchange of true information and help is the goal of every interaction.

And so I want to share the below email chain, and will share more in the future, to highlight the exchanges that MemberMouse Customer Success is built on.

– Cynthia Bennett, Head of Customer Experience @ MemberMouse

Non-Profit Web Developer:

“I'm building a website for a foodbank and they need to have a member login so I'm looking for the best option. They need this function for really only two reasons: 1. They need to have the helpers sign up for timeslots to volunteer and 2. They need their clients to sign up for timeslots to pickup and drop off goods.

Would your product work? I envision it as two different types of memberships (both free for the member), one for the clients and one for the volunteers. But I am open to suggestions.


John from MemberMouse:

“Thanks for contacting MemberMouse Support. I'm glad you're considering our platform, and I'd be happy to discuss your needs.

The short answer is that MemberMouse can absolutely provide member login for your site — and many other membership-oriented features — but because of the niche we occupy in the market, I'm not convinced that we'd be the best fit for your requirements. Virtually any membership platform can provide you with two free membership levels that deliver different content, and your description doesn't indicate to me a site that is likely to significantly increase in complexity over time. MemberMouse has many unique features, and I'd be glad to tell you about them at length, but I'm not immediately seeing the need that only we can meet.

The other side of the equation is price. Among membership platforms, ours is particularly powerful, flexible, and extensible, and we price our service based on those characteristics. We don't closely track the pricing of other membership solutions, but we're generally aware that we occupy the higher end of the range. That said, MemberMouse does indeed offer special pricing for non-profits.

Given the way you've described the site, if I were developing this project, I would likely start by selecting the appointments system. To my knowledge, no major membership platform includes calendaring or appointments functionality, and you have some specific requirements that not every option in that space can deliver. I don't know a great deal about appointment-scheduling platforms, but if you have not already selected one, here are some links to start your research. Some of these solutions are free, and others are paid, which may affect your budget for the membership solution. It's also possible that some of these platforms may offer basic features for account-creation and management, removing the need for a membership platform entirely:

Once you have selected an appointment booking system, there are several membership platforms that seem to offer a free version. I'm not intimately familiar them, but given how minimal your needs seem, it's very possible that a free offering could provide everything you need.

After researching those options, if you think that the best fit for your needs is MemberMouse, I'd be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.”

Non-Profit Web Developer:

“holy crap john, you are amazing! I cannot thank you enough and this is above and beyond. Thank you so much for looking into this for me and giving me a clear path to continue. Seriously thank you.

Is there a survey or something that I can fill out? I'm blown away”

John from MemberMouse:

“Well, thanks, it makes me feel warm to hear that. If you have another project in the future where we're well-suited to help, we'd be glad to hear from you. I think that's more than enough.
I wish you the best of success, many people go hungry, and it's important work. Thanks for being a part of our community =)”

Cynthia Bennett

Cynthia is the Head of Customer Experience for MemberMouse.

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