2.0.4 Release – Stripe, 1-Click Buy, Overdue Payment Handling

MemberMouse would like to announce that we have released version 2.0.4. This new release brings with it several new and exciting features. First and foremost, we’ve integrated with Stripe. This new payment gateway brings another card-on-file platform to MemberMouse, which means you can offer 1-click buy functionality to your customers when marketing additional products after the initial sale. Stripe is PCI-compliant, which means they store the credit card details of your customers in a secure fashion, which is a necessary requirement of a payment gateway if you wish to use MemberMouse’s 1-click buy functionality. If you’re not using 1-click buy functionality to sell additional products to your members, then you’re leaving money on the table. 1-click functionality is extremely effective, and is a major source of revenue for companies like Amazon.com and Apple. The 2.0.4 release upgrades this 1-click buy functionality and also improves overdue payment handling. We’re excited about this release and we’re happy to bring the highly anticipated Stripe integration to the MemberMouse platform. You can learn more about this release in our support center:


Dan Caron

Dan is a business strategy, positioning, and copywriting guy. He’s sold over 10M dollars direct to consumer over the web. Dan believes that developing high quality products that solve widespread, urgent needs is the key to business success—and that recurring revenue models are the easiest businesses to scale when you make lifetime customer value your highest priority metric. You can read Dan’s Success Guide to learn his approach to growing a membership site into 7 figures. He’s been featured in MarketingSherpa and Mixergy.

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