2.0.9 Release Notes

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View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse.

New Feature: Duplicate Subscription Protection

With MemberMouse, it's possible for customers to sign up for multiple subscriptions on the same product. For example, a customer signs up for a Bronze membership and then some period of time later they come back and sign up for the Bronze membership again. This creates a duplicate subscription resulting in double billing. The double billing is the correct behavior given that they signed up for multiple subscriptions, but it's likely that they did this unintentionally. For this reason, we've added the ability to configure MemberMouse to disallow duplicate subscriptions.

Here's what we've done…

  1. We've added additional intelligence to the checkout process that will keep customers from being able to purchase the same subscription twice. So if they buy a subscription for a particular product and then attempt to do that again while the initial subscription is still active, they'll get an error. There are legitimate scenarios where a customer will want to purchase the same subscription again. This includes if they canceled their account and want to sign up again or their account became overdue and they need to reactivate their subscription with a new credit card. Regardless of whether you configure MemberMouse to allow duplicate subscriptions or not, these legitimate cases will be allowed. The result is that customers should be kept from getting into a situation where they have multiple subscriptions on the same product.
    IMPORTANT: MemberMouse disallows duplicate subscriptions by default. If you have a legitimate reason why you want to allow customers to be billed multiple times for the same subscription product, read this article to learn how to allow duplicate subscriptions.
  2. We've created a Duplicate Subscriptions tool that will show you a list of all customers that have duplicate subscriptions and allows you to cancel the duplicate subscriptions individually. Knowing which customers have duplicate subscriptions let's you know which customers, if any, you need to issue refunds to which you can do from the member details area. Read this article to learn more about issuing refunds.
    Read this article to learn more about the duplicate subscriptions tool.
  • What used to be called the Event Log is now the Activity Log and now it can be accessed for individual members directly from the member details area. In addition to tracking a member's login and page access activity that was being tracked before, it now tracks emails that are sent out, complete access rights history including membership level and status changes, bundles being added and bundle status changes and complete payment-related events including when payments are received, refunds issued and credit card information updated. Learn more.
  • Now that we're tracking a lot more member activity, the activity log can get pretty large over time so we've added an activity log cleanup utility that will automatically delete events older than a certain number of days. Learn more.
  • Made adjustments to the member details area to make things more efficient and intuitive. Learn more.
    • Renamed Manage Access Rights tab to Access Rights.
    • Renamed Transaction History tab to Transactions.
    • Removed Billing Address and Shipping Address tabs and moved the ability to change these addresses to the General tab. Read these articles to learn more about editing a member's billing address and editing a member's shipping address.
    • Added the Activity Log tab so you can view a log of all member activities right from the member details area. Learn more.
    • Grouped the password options together on the General tab. Learn more.
    • Moved the ‘Days as Member' Calculation Method section from the General tab to the Access Rights tab. Learn more.
    • Moved the Membership Expires section from the General tab to the Access Rights tab. Learn more.
  • Made it so that you can disable MemberMouse from including jQuery UI on the front-end of your site to avoid conflicts with themes that also use jQuery UI. Learn more.
  • Added ability to configure if members should be able to change their username. Learn more.
  • Added a new WordPress filter that allows you to force block access to content using custom rules. Learn more.
  • Added parameters to the getMember API call, push notifications and WordPress hooks that indicate whether a member's membership or bundles are complimentary. To learn more, view the respective documentation for the getMember API callpush notifications and WordPress hooks.
  • Bug fixes.
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