2.0.5 Release – ClickBank, Custom Fields, Affiliate Data Enhancements

MemberMouse is excited to announce that ClickBank is now available as a billing integration. As the leading information product affiliate network, ClickBank marketers can use MemberMouse’s streamlined customer management platform to automate their business and reduce customer support costs. Expanded custom fields to support different HTML field types such as drop downs, radio buttons, check boxes and text areas. These new field types can be utilized on checkout pages and free member webforms to collect data from the customer via text input fields, drop downs, radio buttons, check boxes or text areas. Also new in our 2.0.5 release are coupons that all you to give something away something for free.  Plus, more granular push notification options, enhancements to our default membership level settings and employee tools. Affiliate and sub-affiliate data can now be passed to push notification scripts and WordPress hooks. Also enhanced is the MM_Order_Data SmartTag which now includes access to affiliate and sub-affiliate data. This is useful if you’re integrating with an affiliate management platform and need to pass this data to that platform from a MemberMouse confirmation page. Several bugs were also squashed. This is a great new release, and the MemberMouse team is excited to bring you these new enhancements!

Release Notes: http://support.membermouse.com/support/solutions/articles/9000020448-2-0-4-release-notes

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