2.0.6 Release – Improved Payment Handling, Import Wizard, and More

We’re excited to bring an updated version of MemberMouse to you. Enhancements include: Improved automated overdue payment handling functionality by attempting to rebill a member’s card on file a total of 4 times and if the final attempt doesn’t succeed, automatically cancelling their account. Enhanced the Import Wizard to detect if a member being importing is an existing WordPress user and if so, automatically migrate this user into MemberMouse as a member with the appropriate access rights. Added the ability to export members. Created a SmartTag that you can use to allow members to apply a free bundle to their account with a single click. Added checkout form configuration option that allows you to determine if you want to enable members to make purchases against their account when they’re logged out. Added the ability to create multiple aliases for affiliate and sub-affiliate querystring parameters. This allows you instruct MemberMouse to treat two or more different parameters as containing an affiliate or sub-affiliate ID. Plus bug fixes.

Release Notes: http://support.membermouse.com/knowledgebase/articles/319213-2-0-6-release-notes

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