2.0.7 Release – Custom Usernames, Group Functionality & bbPress Extensions

The team is excited to bring you another feature rich update. With the 2.0.7 release, along with numerous new features, comes two additional plugins that extend the functionality of MemberMouse. First, the Group Functionality plugin, which allows “seats” to be allocated to a group. This plugin is especially useful for consultants, agencies, and selling to organizations such as schools and higher education. The second extension plugin included in this release is the bbPress integration plugin. Using the bbPress extension you’ll be able to protect bbPress forums based on a member’s access rights in MemberMouse. In addition, this release brings a more secure style of purchase links that indicate which product or membership level to purchase by reference instead of directly which keeps customers from attempting to access other products you’re offering just by modifying the URL. Captcha is now available on the checkout page. Customers can now specify a custom username name when checking out. You can now associate WordPress roles with membership levels. We’ve added the ability to configure which membership level should be applied to a customer’s account when the first thing they purchase is a bundle. You can now disable products from being purchased. Customers can now checkout with ClickBank from a MemberMouse checkout page and users can specify a custom username via the createMember API call. We’ve also added a “Use Different Card” button to 1-click purchase confirmation dialogs so customers can optionally enter new card information. Plus various bug fixes. We know you’ll benefit from these upgrades, so update your plugin today!

Release Notes: http://support.membermouse.com/support/solutions/articles/9000020395-2-0-7-release-notes

Dan Caron

Dan is a business strategy, positioning, and copywriting guy. He’s sold over 10M dollars direct to consumer over the web. Dan believes that developing high quality products that solve widespread, urgent needs is the key to business success—and that recurring revenue models are the easiest businesses to scale when you make lifetime customer value your highest priority metric. You can read Dan’s Success Guide to learn his approach to growing a membership site into 7 figures. He’s been featured in MarketingSherpa and Mixergy.

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